Term 2 – Newsletter 5

Dear Parents,

What a beautiful day, and as I write I’m looking out on the lovely front garden of the Utrecht St Campus. Birds are tweeting and it’s an idyllic setting. I envy the Grade 5 class for their lovely tranquil surrounds.


Grade 7 pupils will be selling various items ranging from pizza slices and hot-dogs to koeksusters and cupcakes. Grade 7 parents are asked to supply items for sale – I believe each Grade 7 pupil has suggested what he/she will be bringing on that day. Items will be priced at R5. Please support this Parent Committee fund-raising effort by sending a little money with your child on 1st June.


Our uniform supplier is now Linda Engel, who can be contacted on 0814136107 / 0219390205 / engellinda1228@gmail.com for order forms..


We would like to encourage parents to ensure that our pupils are bringing healthy snacks to school to eat at break. A brown/whole-wheat bread sandwich/roll; a piece of fruit/vegetable slices & cool-drink are suggested. Each child needs to have a water bottle at school, containing fresh water daily.

Our tuck-shop isn’t a very healthy option and should be used for special treats rather than lunch.

If there is a parent who would like to take on the role of providing healthier tuck-shop options, please let me know.


Pupils who donate R5 to Happy Tummy are free to wear civvies on Fridays, however, I do request that you ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for school on these days. Please adhere to the following dress code for Fridays:

  • a plain T-shirt rather than a shirt that has a message on it
  • jeans that are not “fashionably” tattered and torn
  • long hair must be tied back

We would like our pupils to present a positive self-image and a positive image on the school when they are wearing civvies.

Kind regards


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