Term 2 – Newsletter 10

Dear Parents

A great hush lies over our school as our Grade 7 – 9 pupils write exams, to be joined by Grade 6 pupils on Wednesday. We’re very close to the end of term now, so just a few reminders;

Pupils who are writing exams will leave school at 13h15 daily this week, while the Grade 1 – 5 programme is not disrupted.

Next week, all pupils will finish school at 13h15, from Monday to Wednesday.

School closes at 12h00 on Thursday (29th), after Pyjama Day.

School closes at 10h30 on Friday 30th.

PYJAMA DAY, 29th June

Pupils may come to school dressed in their pyjamas next Thursday. They may bring cuddly toys and blankets. Snack-packs are on sale at R20. Please order your child’s snack-pack by placing R20 in an envelope, writing your child’s name on it and sending it to school. Other items, like pancakes and hot chocolate will be on sale, so please send a little money with your child on the day as well.


Reports will be sent out electronically on the last day of school.


Many thanks to all parents who pay their fees so timeously. Our school depends on each parent paying school fees as per their commitment in their contract. Should your fees be in arrears, we appeal to you to settle your account as our school cannot run without finances.

Our Art teachers have requested that, if you have any scraps of material/wool/coloured cardboard lying around that could be used in the art lessons, please let us have them.


The third term commences on 24th July. I have attached a supply list for the third term. We do appreciate your helping us in this way.

Kind regards

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