Term 2 – Newsletter 11

Dear Parents

Our last exam is underway, assessments for the term are almost finished and we’ll be on holiday soon.


Tomorrow: Wednesday, 28th June – School closes at 13h15 for all pupils
Thursday 29th June – Pyjama & Movie Day: pupils may arrive at school in their pyjamas. They may purchase snack-packs at R20. Pancakes and hot chocolate will be on sale.     School closes at 12h00 on Thursday.
Friday 30th June – school closes at 10h30.
We’ll be handing over the paper that our pupils have recycled tomorrow. The class that hands over the most paper will be allowed to leave half an hour early on a day that suits their teacher in the new term.

Fallen Angels is an animal rescue organisation that operates in Tableview. Members of the organisation will be visiting us on Friday 28th July, the first Friday of the new term. We have started collecting items to hand over to them and will continue the collection in the first week of the new term. Any suitable pet-oriented items would be most welcome, pet food, blankets, etc. Should you be interested in adopting an animal from this organisation, please let us know, so that your child may choose a pet from the animals that they bring with them on the day.


Reports will be sent out electronically on the last day of school.


Please see attached supplies roster for the new term. Please note that the hand sanitizer requested should be the waterless kind. We’re all on a mission to save water.


This workshop will take place at the school on Friday 28th July at 13h30.

School re-opens on 24th July and closes on 29th September.

Kind regards

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