Term 3 – Newsletter 2

Dear Parents

This second week of term is packed with meetings & we’re looking forward to discussing your children’s progress.

Parent/Teacher meetings in grades 1 – 5 are taking place during the course of the week. You have received a day and time from your child’s teacher.

Grade 6 – 9 interviews are on Wednesday & Thursday. You have received a day and time from Ms van Zyl.

If you’re not sure when your meeting is, please contact your child’s teacher, Grade 1 – 5 and Ms van Zyl, Grade 6 – 9, or you may contact me.

Auditions for the speaking roles for our Speech & Drama Evening were held on Friday. Roles will be allocated today. Pupils with speaking parts will need to learn their words as soon as possible.

All practices will take place during school time.
A list of costumes for Grade 1 – 3 follows. Pupils in the older grades will be given specific instructions for their outfits, which will be sent in the homework books.
Grade 1:
1. yellow T-shirt
2. blue jeans
3. black tackies
4. hand-made paper Minion goggles

Grade 2:
1. dark green T-shirt
2. black jeans

Grade 3:
1. checked shirt
2. blue jeans

Parents who would like to assist with making of props and backdrops, please let me know.

I have attached a list of items that we need for the evening. Please return the slip that is attached to your child’s homework book, indicating how you are able to assist.

Many thanks to parents who have sent in their supplies for the term. Please let us have these as soon as possible.  I have attached the roster.

Grade 8 & 9 cake sale will take place on Wednesday. Items are priced at R5. Please send a little money with your child on Wednesday.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me!” – Ayn Rand

Kind regards

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