Term 4 – Newsletter 6

Dear Parents

I trust that you enjoyed a restful weekend and that the new week will bring you much joy.

Thank you for your support of the mobile bookshop last week.

Exams start on Wednesday for Grade 6 – 9 pupils. We wish them every success. May their hard work pay off.

Wednesday 15th – Friday 24th November, school will close at 13h15 for Grade 6 – 9 pupils (excluding Thursday 16th, which is a normal school day for Grade 6).
Monday 27th November – Tuesday 5th December, school will close at 13h00 for all pupils.
Please ensure that lift providers are aware of the change in school times.

I’m looking forward to exhibiting the beautiful pieces of art that your children have created during the course of the year at Prize Giving. Please place a donation (minimum R50) in an envelope marked with your child’s name and “ART”, so that you will be able to collect his/her art after the ceremony.

A reminder that we’re looking for assistance with transport and also gifts and donations for the community service outings to take place after exams. Should you prefer to place a donation in an envelope marked “COMMUNITY SERVICE”, please feel free to do so and we will then purchase gifts to take to the retirement home.

We are all eagerly anticipating our elegant Prize Giving ceremony. Boys to wear collar & tie and girls to wear pretty dresses.
Each family to supply one plate of savoury and one plate of sweet eats for guests to enjoy after the ceremony.
Final reports will be handed out after the prize giving.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learnt about life: It goes on.” – Robert Frost

Have blessed week

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