Term 3 – Final Newsletter

Dear Parents

What a wonderful, challenging and busy term has passed! As I have been looking at the reports of each and every one of our pupils, I feel a sense of great pride and accomplishment as I see the good progress being made by our pupils. I also commend our pupils on their high standard of respect and great behaviour. They are a really special group of fine human beings.

I wish to thank our teachers for their calm persistence and for the care and attention they pay to each child in their care. May you have a very good rest, as this term has been an extremely busy one and the term to come is short and packed.

Thank you to each loyal parent – you have assisted us with a burdensome fund raising effort this year, which has, thankfully now come to an end, as we have met our target. You were able to see the fruit of your labours when you attended our Twilight Market and the opening night of our Speech & Drama evening. Thanks to you, we have, not only a beautiful playground for our pupils to use during school, but a lovely venue for our events as well.

This term has surely been one of “firsts”, beginning with the introduction of the GED option for parents who would like their children to stay with us after Grade 9, which opened on our premises at the beginning of this term.

We also saw our first marketing drive at the Edgemead Centre, which was kindly supported by teachers, parents and pupils.

Then came the first Twilight Market: that was another great way to get the name of our school out into the community.

And, finally, our first attempt at an outdoor theatre for our Speech & Drama evening. Sadly, the weather did not allow the second night to take place, but our pupils will practise some more in the new term, ready for the performance on 18th October. All ticket holders will be admitted to that show, along with others who might like a second chance to watch their children in action.

Speech & Drama commemoration mugs are still on sale and can be ordered at R60 each.

There are still a few spaces in our Grade 1 class for 2019, so, should you have family or friends who are still seeking a space for their children, do encourage them to contact us. Perhaps you could also share this information on your Facebook pages.

Reports were sent out electronically this morning, so please let me know if your child’s report has not arrived.

Please find attached supplies for the fourth term.

School reopens on Tuesday 9th October.

Be very blessed with much joy, fun and recreation with your lovely children. Be safe if you’re travelling and come back filled with enthusiasm for the last exciting episode of 2018.

Kind regards

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