Term 4 – Newsletter 5

Good morning Parents

We are already at the mid-point in our final term, so all are looking to end on a high note, with assessments and exams to complete, followed by our community service at the end of term.

ORIENTATION MORNING, 14th November, 08h30 – 10h30
Our new Grade 1 pupils will be visiting our school for their orientation morning on 14th November.

You received a Walton’s catalogue last week, along with our stationery and textbook lists for 2019. All items on the list are compulsory, but you may make use of any supplier you choose. Should you wish to make use of the Walton’s offering, you may return your order form to the school by 16th November. Your child’s stationery will be delivered direct to the school from Walton’s on 6th December. I have attached the stationery list for your convenience.

TEXTBOOKS (Grade 4 – 9 pupils only
I have attached the textbook list for 2019.

There have been a few changes for the new year, but you may still purchase relevant used textbooks from the outgoing pupils in the grade to which your child will progress. Should you wish to sell textbooks, please make a poster advertising the books, with a contact number and price, so that you can deal directly with the parents who wish to buy.

The new English and Afrikaans books will be on sale at the school on 27th November. Please send the correct amount for the textbooks in an envelope marked with your child’s name and grade, and the textbooks will be handed over to your child on that day. I have attached the price-list for the English & Afrikaans books.

I have also asked the mobile bookshop if they can visit us on the same day, 27th November, so that you can purchase literature set-books at their reduced prices. Other books will also be on sale on that day, so all pupils may purchase books for themselves and for the school, should you wish to make a donation of a library book to our school.

Linda says that orders are already coming in for the new dress that will be introduced in the school’s colours in 2019. Please ensure that all uniform orders get to her by 1st December.

Exam timetables are out and attached. All pupils in Grades 6 – 9 should be following their own study timetable over and above homework time daily in order to ensure that they are well-prepared for the final exams. Exams in the content subjects will cover the last two terms’ work and languages and Maths will cover the whole year’s work.

Once exams are complete, school attendance remains compulsory and we will be involved in community service as follows:
Monday 3 December – park clean up (pupils may bring rubber gloves to protect their hands)
Tuesday 4th December – Grades 4 – 6 will sing Christmas Carols at Nazareth House old age home and Grade 7 girls will visit the orphanage there, while Fallen Angels animal rescue will address the boys in Grades 7 – 9 on campus
Wednesday 5th December – hike in Tygerberg Nature Reserve
Thursday 6th December – a visiting speaker will address our pupils
Friday 7th December – Prize Giving practice and Prize Giving in the evening at 18h00 for Grades 1 – 3 and at 19h30 for Grades 4 – 9

Foundation Phase pupils will also be involved in an end-of-year programme that will be communicated by their teachers in due course.

Please continue to send your donations to the above charities: pet related items for Fallen Angels, clothes and toys for the Nazareth House orphanage and sweets/chocolates/toiletries for the Nazareth House elderly.

Parent who are able to join us on the above outings would be most welcome. We would also welcome assistance with transport for the various outings. Please let Ms van Zyl know if you can assist.

School will close at 13h00 for all pupils from Monday 3rd to Thursday 6th December
School will close at 10h30 on 7th December, as pupils will need to return for their Prize Giving in the evening. School will close for pupils on 7th December after Prize Giving.

Reports will be sent out electronically on 11th December.

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” – Nelson Mandela

Wishing you a very good week ahead

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