Term 4 – Newsletter 8

Good morning Parents,

I write to the dulcet tones of our pupils preparing the Christmas Carols they’ll be singing at the retirement home next week and that reminds me to remind you that we’re collecting small gifts of sweets/chocolates/toiletries to take along as part of our community service this year. Grateful thanks to all who have supported our charity drive. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by those who receive from us.

Next week is our last of the academic year and all pupils are required to attend school daily until Prize Giving on 7th December.

It was kindly pointed our to me that, having two events in one week may not be a great idea, so we have moved our Art Exhibition to coincide with Prize Giving on 7th December. I think all will agree that this will make life less complicated for our parents – having to come out to school on one, instead of two evenings in the same week.

We would like you to invite extended family and friends to attend the Prize Giving and Art Exhibition. As we did for the Speech & Drama evenings, please bring along folding chairs, if you can.

Our “Art Gallery” will be open from 17h30. You are welcome to come, browse and “buy” your child’s art by donation (suggested R50).

Times: Foundation Phase Prize Giving (Grades 1 – 3) will take place at 18h00 and the senior phase (Grades 4 – 9) at 19h30. Refreshments will be provided after each prize giving. Please bring a plate of sweet and a plate of savoury eats along to share.

Dress code for Prize Giving: Prize Giving is our elegant occasion and the one time in the year when our pupils dress in their best to impress! Boys please wear a collar and tie and girls, a pretty dress.

Medals & awards: Many of our pupils participate in extra-mural activities off of our campus and sometimes achieve medals and awards for these activities. Should your child have received a sporting or other award in the course of 2018, please send the award to school so that it can be handed out at the Prize Giving on 7th December.

Please get your textbook order form back to school this week as the supplier will be on campus on 6th December to hand out the books that have been ordered and to receive payment.

The mobile bookstore will not be visiting our campus as I had hoped, but they have dropped off set-books for purchase at prices that range from R20 – R30. Should you wish your child to purchase his/her set-books from the school, please send R20/R30 in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and the name of the book you wish to purchase. Stocks are limited, so first come will be first served.

Another option is for you to use the supplier whose pamphlet I have attached.

Should you wish to sell your child’s textbooks to a pupil vacating his/her next grade, please make a poster as described in my previous emails.

Wherever you source your textbooks, it is advisable to do so as soon as possible. If you wait for January, suppliers will be out of stock.

I would also like to encourage you to place your uniform orders for the new year. I have attached the order form in this regard.

School will close at 13h15 from Monday to Thursday next week and at 10h30 on Friday 7th. Pupils will return to school for their Prize Giving events.

Aftercare will run as normal next week and will close at 17h30 on Friday 7th December. Aftercare will reopen on Wednesday 14th January.

First term: Wednesday 16th January – Wednesday 20th March
Second term: Tuesday 2nd April – Friday 14th June
Third term: Tuesday 9th July – Friday 20th September
Fourth term: Tuesday 1st October – Wednesday 4th December

“To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” – Nelson Mandela

Kind regards

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