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Good morning Parents

Compliments of the season to all and here’s to a wonderful year together at Abeille Ruche School.

Just a few reminders as we gear ourselves up for the new term:


School starts for our pupils next Wednesday, 16th January, so you still have a week for those last minute preparations for the new term.

School starts promptly at 08h00 every morning, so pupils need to be in class by 07h50. Our gate opens at 07h30 for the early birds.
School closing times: Grades 1 & 2 close at 13h15; Grade 3 closes at 14h00 and Grade 4 – 9 close at 14h30. Pupils who are not collected within fifteen minutes of closing will be handed over to the aftercare.
Aftercare opens on 16th January and operates from straight after school until 17h30. I have attached an aftercare form that can be handed in to Shelley, our aftercare supervisor, should you wish your child to join the aftercare. Aftercare runs at our van der Spuy House.


I have attached stationery and textbook lists for your convenience. Textbooks are applicable to Grade 4 – 9 pupils only. Please note that our English and Afrikaans textbooks have changed so, while you may have purchased second hand books from pupils leaving your child’s grade, all pupils will need to purchase the new English and Afrikaans books. I have attached the Book Box order form, should you wish to use them for your order. I have also attached a flyer advertising Eduguru bookshop that sells both new and second hand textbooks. Please ensure that your child has his/her stationery and textbooks requirements ready on the first day of school. All items belonging to your child should be clearly marked with his/her name.

I have attached the uniform order form.


At the end of last term, I announced a new management structure for our school, commencing this term. Our management and staff are as follows:

Dean of Studies: Mrs Theresa Minne:Theresa will be taking over communication from me once the new term commences, and you’ll be receiving weekly updates from her every Monday. Theresa can be contacted on or on the school phone number – 021 5598902. Theresa also runs the GED (matric alternative) at our school.
Dean of Academics: Ms Tamryn van Zyl: Tamryn takes charge of developing the curriculum, overseeing staff and pupil performance and can be contacted on Tamryn is also the EMS and Science teacher for Grade 7 – 9 pupils.
Head of Foundation Phase: Mrs Nikki Terry: Nikkki takes charge of all matters pertaining to the Foundation Phase and can be contacted on Nikki is also the Grade 1 teacher.
Grade 2: Mrs Marianne Leroux is substituting for Ms Nicole Brink for the first term. We congratulate Ms Brink on the arrival of little Lily during the holidays. Marianne can be contacted on
Grade 3 – Mrs Jann Penfold,
Grade 4 – Ms Claire Whittemore,
Grade 5 – Mrs Mariaan Avenant.
Grade 6 – Ms Mary Olden,
Grade 7 – 9 Afrikaans and Creative Arts – Mrs Christal Stemmet (along with Grade 4 – 6 Creative Arts),
Grade 7 – 9 Maths, Geography & Technology – Ms Tanielle Styane.
Grade 7 – 9 English, History and Life Orientation – Mr Matthew Tarling,

Many blessings and joy for the year ahead.

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