Term 1 – Newsletter 1

Dear Parents

It is with great excitement and anticipation that I welcome you to the academic year of 2019!

Kindly take note of the following important dates and information for the term ahead.

Monday 14th January – school opens for teachers
Wednesday 16th January – school opens for pupils
Tuesday 22nd January, 19h00, – Parent Information Evening, Grade 1 – 6
Wednesday 23rd January, 19h00, – Parent Information Evening, Grade 7 – 9
Thursday 7th to Wednesday 13th March – grade 7-9 Assessment Presentations
Tuesday 16th- Thursday 18th April – Grade 7-9 Camp
Friday 19th April – Public Holiday (Good Friday)
Monday 22nd April Public Holiday (Easter Monday)

Tuesday 19th March – Sports Day
Wednesday 20th March – school closes

Teachers will inform parents of dates of outings.

School will run a normal timetable from the first day:
Grade 1 & 2: 08h00 – 13h15
Grade 3: 08h00 – 14h00
Grade 4 – 9: 08h00 – 14h30
GED: 09h00 – 13h00

School closes at 13h15 for all pupils on Fridays

The school doors open at 07h30 and pupils should be in their classrooms by 07h45, ready to start promptly at 08h00.

Pupils should be collected timeously at closing times. Should parents be later than 15 minutes after closing, pupils will be handed over to the Aftercare in the van der Spuy house, where they can be collected at R60 per afternoon.

Class teachers can be contacted via email by using their initial and surname followed by @abeilleruche.co.za, for example: nhansford@abeilleruche.co.za
The finance team may be contacted via email on finance@abeilleruche.co.za

Aftercare will be available for all grades from the first day of school and runs from straight after school until 17h30.
Homework is supervised by a qualified teacher.
Please pack a change of clothes and an extra snack in for your child as we do not provide lunch.
The Aftercare does not operate during the holidays.

Should you wish to enrol your child in permanent aftercare, please complete the attached form and return it to the school.

Should your child not be enrolled in the permanent Aftercare, but you would like him/her to stay at school if you’re running late or have other business to attend to, casual Aftercare is offered at R60 per afternoon, for which you will receive a statement for all usage during the month at the end thereof. Please phone the school to let the teacher know that your child must be handed over to the Aftercare.

Late collection after 17h30 will be charged at R100 per hour or part thereof.

Please make every effort to attend these important information sessions. Service providers for extra-murals will be available for you to sign up your child, you will get to spend time with your child’s teacher, have the opportunity to ask questions and receive other important information about the camp and other initiatives.

We have been supporting this worthy charity for some years and will continue to do so in 2019. Please send R5 with your child on Fridays, to place in the Happy Tummy collection which Mrs Simpson will continue to hand over to her church every Sunday. The funds support a feeding scheme.

Please send the supplies relevant to your child’s grade according to the attached list. Your assistance with supplies helps to keep our costs down and school fees affordable.

Our school has a small, limited Tuck Shop that cannot replace a healthy lunch that should be packed for your child daily. Please ensure that he/she also has a water bottle at school.

It is very important that all items belonging to your child are clearly marked with his/her full name and not just cryptic initials. Stationery & clothing items are too expensive for you to be replacing lost property during the course of the year. We have a collection of unmarked uniform items that have been unclaimed despite our efforts to find their owners.

HIGH SCHOOL CAMP, Grades 7 – 9
Our annual camp will take place in April as usual and parents of pupils in Grades 7 – 9 should be aware that they will need to budget for this event. More information will be provided at the Information Evening.

School fees for January are now due:
Grade 1 – 6: R4 392 per month, 1st January – 1st December
Grade 7 – 9: R4 872 per month, 1st January – 1st December

Up front annual fee payments are due by 31st January:
Grade 1 – 6: R50 073
Grade 7 – 9: R55 540

School and teachers – 021 5598902
Theresa – 021 5598902/ 071 8838283
Liz – 021 5598902 / 074 1819808
Finance – Maylin – 083 9408139

Kind regards

Theresa Minne

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