Term 1 – Newsletter 3

Dear Parents,

We started our week off in joyful celebration by marking the entry into our 20th year with a School Blessing Service. Thank you to all who attended. It was certainly a blessed experience. We express our deep gratitude to Fr David for his role as celebrant and to all the participants that shared in this beautiful occasion.

Please note the following:

Punctual Arrival Time
Pupils must be on campus no later than 07h45. There is a disturbing trend of tardiness being noticed.

Civvies Day Dress Code
Please note that there is a dress code for Fridays when the pupils wear civvies for Happy Tummy. They may not wear t-shirts with messages on them and their jeans may not be tattered.

Important Dates
– Friday the 1 st of February: Supplies are due, please.

– Grade 4 – 9 parents that haven’t bought textbooks yet, urgently need to do so.
– We are also collecting tins for recycling.

Warm regards,
Theresa Minnë
Dean of Studies

“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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