Term 2 – Newsletter 2

Dear Parents,

There are some important activities and events coming up. Please take note of the following:

Parent Meetings
Parent meetings are taking place this week. A reminder that parents of Grade 7 to 9 pupils are asked to come and fill in their preferred timeslot on the timetable in the entrance of the Utrecht House Campus. You may also write a requested timeslot for Wednesday or Thursday in your child’s homework diary.

Uniform Bank
A reminder to please make use of our clothing bank for your child’s uniform needs.

Assessment Programme
Assessment plans will be sent home this week. The plans will indicate dates of tasks that pupils and parents need to remember. Any changes will be sent out a week in advance.

Projects are always to be done at school, never at home. Research and materials may be gathered at home.

The senior pupils are gearing up for an exciting camp next week, however we need to make another urgent appeal to parents for assistance with lifts. At present, we do not have enough lifts to get all of our pupils there and back.

Cultural Evening
We are very excited about our Cultural Evening on the 16 th of May. This is going to be a wonderful opportunity to gather together and celebrate family (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are in the same week).
Please diarise this date and make a point of inviting friends and other members of the community to join us. The concept will be to enjoy cuisine from various countries whilst socialising with other families.
Please bring along your picnic blanket and chairs to set up in our playground area so that you can enjoy the fare that will be on sale.
We appeal to parents for assistance to make this event possible and you will be receiving more information from your child’s class teacher in this regard.

Social Media Policy
The school has realised the necessity of implementing a Social Media Policy in order to protect pupils, staff and parents when participating in social media activities. Please find a copy of this policy in the attachments.

Warm regards
Theresa Minnë
Dean of Studies

“Its not about what it is, its about what it can become.”
-Dr. Seuss

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