Term 2 – Newsletter 7

Dear Parents,

Warm greetings on this chilly morning.

Thanks for your support of our Super-Hero charity drive last Friday.

Our Grade 4 teacher, Ms Claire Whittemore, has been selected to represent South Africa in an international figure skating competition. We wish her great success. Her classes will be looked after by Ms van Zyl and me for the two weeks that she will be competing overseas.

Our Culture Evening, in celebration of Mother’s and Father’s Days, will take place this Thursday evening from 16h00 – 19h00. Please come along and purchase your supper from our various stalls, and encourage your neighbours, family and friends to come along and support this fund-raising event. The proceeds of this event are earmarked to enhance the security of our premises, by installing finger-print recognition for pupils of both campuses.

Our Grade 8 class is running a “Guess the Pasta in the Bottle” competition to coincide with their Italian themed evening. For R2 per entry, you have the opportunity to win a hamper full of delicious Italian goodies: olive oil, pasta, pasta sauce, bread sticks and wine.

We have felt the need to co-ordinate our school’s communication into one downloadable app, that all parents will be able to install on their phones. Communication will be more efficient and be able to take place daily. Access to teachers will, then, be via the app and not through ad hoc Whatsapp groups. Training is taking place today, so we should have the new system up and running in the course of this week.

Please note that Utrecht Street is blocked off at the van der Spuy end. When collecting pupils from Utrecht House this afternoon, please park on van der Spuy Street and pupils from Utrecht House will be accompanied to the corner of van der Spuy and Utrecht Streets for collection. Please make outside lift-providers aware of this change of arrangement for today, continuing until the road has been fixed and reopened.

Pupils in Grade 6 – 9 have received their timetables for the June exams. you can assist your child by;

– ensuring that he/she has a personal study timetable to follow from today until exams and that he/she sticks to that timetable;
– ensuring that he/she is making his/her own study notes oft he material to be learned – mind maps of main ideas and key words and phrases;
– talking to your child about what he/she is studying

Reports will be sent our electronically on the last day of term (14th June).

Kind regards,

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