Term 2 – Newsletter 8

Dear Parents,

A very warm and grateful “Thank you” to all our parents for your wonderful support of the Culture Evening held last Thursday. The donations, assistance with preparing food and the purchase of the items on sale are much appreciated. I enjoyed socialising and watching our parents interacting with each other. Proceeds amounted to R6 193.80, a great accomplishment for our small school. This will go a long way towards financing the fingerprint recognition that we would like to install to enhance the security of our premises.

MOBILE BOOKSHOP, Friday 7th June, Art-room
The Mobile Bookshop will be at our school on Friday 7th June from 13h00 – 15h00. Books are priced between R30 and R50. We would like to encourage you to support this charity bookshop by purchasing a book for your child and one to donate to the school. Please place the amount of money that you wish your child to spend in two envelopes: one marked SCHOOL and the other HOME, so we will know which books are donations to us and which should go home. You are most welcome to come and browse through the books when you collect your child from school. A credit card facility will be available.

We will be selling hamburgers at R15 apiece this Thursday. Please place the correct amount for the number of burgers you wish to order in an envelope marked BURGERS and hand in to your child’s teacher by Wednesday.

Just a reminder that exams are looming on the horizon for Grade 6 – 9 pupils and that pupils in the other grades will be writing their final assessments as this term comes to an end. Reports will be sent out electronically this term.

Kind regards

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