Term 2 – Newsletter 10

Good morning Parents

Just a few reminders as we enter the penultimate week of term.

Thursday 6th June – whole school closes at 12h15
Friday 7th June – visit from the mobile bookstore, school closes at 13h15
Monday 10th – Thursday 13th June – school closes at 12h45 daily
Friday 14th June – school closes at 10h30 for the winter holidays
School recommences on Tuesday 9th July

Aftercare will remain open until 17h30 every day until 14th June and then will close for the holidays, reopening on 9th July..

On Wednesday 5th June our Muslim pupils will be celebrating Eid, so exams will halt for the day. Pupils in Grade 6 – 9 may choose to study at home for the day, or attend school for supervised study periods. Parents, please let us know in writing if you are keeping your child at home to study on Wednesday. This only applies to pupils in Grades 6 – 9 who are writing exams.

A kind reminder that the mobile bookstore will be visiting us this Friday, 7th June. Should you wish to donate a book to our library, please place an amount of R30 – R50 in an envelope marked “School”. Should you wish to purchase a book for your child, please place an amount in a separate envelope marked with your child’s name.

Your continued assistance with supplies is much imprecated and I have attached the rota for the third term.

Kind regards

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