Term 2 – Newsletter 9

Dear Parents

A busy week lies ahead, with exams starting tomorrow.

EXAMS, Grades 6 – 9
Pupils in Grade 6 – 9 will be starting exams tomorrow. These pupils may leave school at 13h15 daily during exams, or they may stay at school for supervised study until 14h30. On 5th June, there will be no exam, so parents may keep their children at home to study, or send them to school, but please let us know if you are not going to send your child to school on that day (with the exception of Muslim parents, as we know that your children will not be attending school).

Grade 1 – 5 pupils will continue with their normal daily timetable until Thursday 6th June, when school will close at 12h15 for all pupils.

Please ensure that lift providers are aware of the following times that school will close towards the end of term:
Thursday 6th June – whole school closes at 12h15
Friday 7th June – visit from the mobile bookstore, school closes at 13h15
Monday 10th – Thursday 13th June – school closes at 12h45 daily
Friday 14th June – school closes at 10h30 for the winter holidays
School recommences on Tuesday 9th July

Aftercare will remain open until 17h30 every day until 14th June and then will close for the holidays, reopening on 9th July..

A kind reminder that we would appreciate it if you could donate a book to our library by sending an amount of about R30 – R50 to school on Friday 7th June, for your child to spend at the bookstore. Please place the amount in an envelope marked “School” and an amount in a separate envelope marked with your child’s name should you wish to purchase a book for your child to take home.

With the approach of winter, some of our pupils have become creative with the school uniform. Please ensure that your child is dressed in our school’s winter uniform: the long sleeved T-shirt underneath the fleecy top. Boys may wear beige/khaki chinos, with brown shoes. Girls wear their skorts, with woollen tights and their brown boots/shoes. Our girls do not wear trousers to school.

The process is almost complete, so the new communicator should be available to parents in the course of this week.

Our road has reopened, so parents may use Utrecht St again, but please enter Utrecht from van der Spuy, so that all traffic flows in the same direction.

Wishing you a good week ahead.

Kind regards

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