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“It has been a real blessing for us to be able to send Jarryd to Abeille Ruche. We already knew that he was very bright but we were looking for him to develop the other soft (hard) skills like consideration, kindness, helpfulness and sense of humour and he has really done that amazingly. He also just grew in confidence over the 4 years he was there, so thank you and keep up the great work you do. I know lots of other children will really benefit from the soft skills that the learners gain at your school.”

Audrey & Gerry Knight

“Dear Liz, We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love, care and help you’ve shown Claire and to us as a family over the past two years. Your school has really helped Claire not only to catch up, but also, to blossom! Thanks for all the work you put in – may our Lord continue to bless your efforts and we wish you and Abeille Ruche every success for the future.”

Celia & Jonathon

“Overwhelmed by increasing numbers in the classroom, my son experienced some of his saddest days of his school life. Ridiculed, teased and feeling an outcast for not fitting into the brazen mould. Refusing to attend school at all, I needed to find a saving grace before his life would be scarred forever. I found this in Abeille Ruche. Today I have his teachers to thank for restoring his faith in himself and allowing him.”