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Term 1 – Newsletter 8

Dear Parents,

Last week we had our scheduled visit from the delegates of UMALUSI. The teachers were well-prepared and the pupils were wonderful ambassadors- greeting respectfully and enjoying their lessons as usual. The day went smoothly and the
officials left with lots of smiles and expressed great gratitude… it was a proud day for our school.
The delegates were also full of praise for the delicious food that sustained them throughout the grueling day. We are so grateful to our Grade 8 parent, Xolisa Tyeya from Xsite Foods for generously providing the catering.

Thank you again, to our dedicated staff for all you do, the high standards we aspire to were evident as we were able to provide whatever was required for the inspection.

Cake Sales
This Thursday we are having our final cake sale for the term and kindly request donations from our grade 7, 8 and 9 classes.

The final total for the Senior Camp is R980 which includes a personalised camp t-shirt. Please note that the deadline for 50% of the camp fee is the 13 th of March. Any parents that can assist with lifts for the camp, please let the school know. Thank you to parents that have already offered assistance. We still need a few more!

Many thanks.
Warm regards,
Theresa Minnë
Dean of Studies

“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you see the whole world”

-George Bernard Shaw
English Playwright

Textbooks 2018

Term 1 – Newsletter 7

Dear Parents,

This week we have our scheduled visit from UMALUSI and we are excited to showcase our high standards to the accreditation board!
The officials will be interviewing some of our pupils and we need your permission for this. Please see the indemnity form attached to the email. Hard copies were sent home in the homework diaries on Friday. If you did not return the hard copy, kindly fill out and return the form attached. Alternatively, you can just state whether you give permission or not, in your child’s homework diary.

Cake Sales
Thank you so much to our grade 4, 5 and 6 parents for the overwhelmingly generous donations of cakes for last week’s sale which allowed us to sell over two days. This managed to raise a total of R900 which will pay for our classrooms that need to have fans installed.
Our next cake sale is planned for grades 7, 8 and 9 (on the 14 th of March) and the proceeds will go towards the senior camp.

Sports Day Information
A reminder that snack-pack orders are due this Friday the 8 th of March. Grades 1 to 6 must have dress-up relay items at school by the 13 th of March. Thank you so much to those parents who have offered to assist on the day.
A reminder that Sports Kits need to be brought to school tomorrow.

The final total for the Senior Camp is R980 which includes a personalised camp t-shirt. Please note that the deadline for 50% of the camp fee is the 13 th of March, but please start sending in fees as soon as you are able.
Any parents that can assist with lifts for the camp, please let the school know.
Thank you to parents that have already offered assistance. We still need a few more!

Request for hangers
Thank you for the donations received.

Request to sign UMALUSI interview permission slip
Kindly see attached and return by tomorrow or write your reply in your child’s homework diary.

Many thanks.
Warm regards,
Theresa Minnë
Dean of Studies

“Tell me and I forget.Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”

-Native American Proverb

Textbooks 2018

Term 1 – Newsletter 6

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all Foundation Phase parents who contributed so generously to our Valentine’s Day Cake Sale! It was a wonderful success. Thanks to all those who supported by buying cakes, we raised a total of R997! The proceeds will go towards purchasing much-needed fans for our classrooms.

Cake Sales
Our next cake sale is planned for the 28 th of February and we are appealing to our grade 4, 5 and 6 parents for donations of cupcakes for this day. The last cake sale for the year, to be sponsored by the senior phase, will take place on the 14 th of March.

Sports Day Information
Order Forms for snack packs will be handed out to pupils. The snack packs will cost R30 each and will include a hotdog, a chocolate and flavoured water.
Any donations of hotdog rolls, small chocolate bars and flavoured water will be much appreciated. Cash donations are also welcomed.
We appeal to any parents who are available before 08h00 on the morning of the 18 th of March, to please assist with constructing the snack packs.

Houses for Sports Day:
All pupils must wear either black, white or house colour shorts, plain house colour t-shirt and socks with running shoes. No graphics on t-shirts. Sports kit must be brought to school during the week of Tuesday the 5 th of March.
– Honey Bees- plain yellow t-shirt
– Bumble Bees- plain purple t-shirt
– Worker Bees- plain white t-shirt

The final total for the Senior Camp is R980 which includes a personalised camp t-shirt. Please note that the deadline for camp fees is the 13 th of March, but please start sending in fees as soon as you are able.
Any parents that can assist with lifts for the camp, please let the school know.

Request for hangers
There is a request for donations of hangers for our second-hand clothing bank, please.

Request to sign school policy documents
You will be receiving an important parent contract document in your child’s homework diary that we kindly request you to sign and send back to us.

Many thanks
Warm regards,
Theresa Minnë
Dean of Studies

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude”

-William James

Textbooks 2018

Term 1 – Newsletter 5

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to have featured in last week’s Tygerburger, the headline of our article, “A school with a difference”!

This week we celebrate Valentine’s day and will mark it with a cake sale and civvies day… Please see below for more details:

Valentine’s Day Cake Sale
We are planning to have a few cake sales this term, with the first one on Thursday the 14 th of February. We ask all grade 1, 2 and 3 parents to please contribute cupcakes which will be sold for R5 each. We want to encourage the pupils to buy enough to take home for their families, so please remember to pack in a plastic container to store the cakes.

Extra Civvies Day
Pupils are allowed to wear red, white and pink on Valentine’s day for a contribution of R5. This will also go towards the Happy Tummy Fund as our gift of love on Thursday the 14 th .

The girls’ uniform is taking a bit longer than expected, but please keep in touch with Linda in this regard.

Aftercare Form Update
Please be advised that the aftercare form has been updated and we kindly request that all parents re-sign the updated form if your child is enrolled at Aftercare.

Many thanks.
Warm regards,
Theresa Minnë
Dean of Studies

“LOVE Is not only something you feel, it is something you do”
David Wilkerson

Textbooks 2018

Term 1 – Newsletter 4

Dear Parents,

We had an exciting week last week filled with visits from Theatre for Life, Woolworths Educational Programme and an author. Please follow our Facebook page for photos of all the wonderful activities.

Please note the following:

Request for Art Supplies
Our Art teacher, Mrs Stemmet, would be very grateful for the following donations:
– Old magazines
– Newspaper
– Toilet rolls (empty)
– Food colouring
– Old paint

Extra Maths Lessons
Ms Styane is generously offering her time once again this year; to assist pupils with extra mathematics lessons on Thursdays at 14h45-15h30.
One on one sessions are also available at parent’s cost, please contact tstyane@abeilleruche.co.za if you would like to arrange for private sessions.

Important Dates
– Grade 7-9 Assessments begin on the 7 th of March- all pupils have been
informed of the Assessment Programme.
– Sports Day: 19th March

Cake Sales
– We will be having cake sales sponsored by each phase every second Thursday. Our first fundraising cake sale, sponsored by Foundation Phase, will take place on Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February. Please send a container with your child so that they can bring some cake home for the family too!

Please be advised that Eduguru has the following books in stock and ready for collection:
Grade 4:
– Piekfyn Learner Book x2
– Piekfyn Reader x1
Grade 5
– Piekfyn Reader x1
Grade 6
– Piekfyn Learner Book x4
Grade 9
– Piekfyn Learner Book x 1
– English Learner Book x 1

Please note that you can also place orders with them if you need to. You will see their flyer attached.

Cultural Family Fun Day
We are very excited about the Cultural Family Day planned for the 16th of May. We are going to have food representing various countries on sale and we also want to have fun activities for the children to enjoy. Any profit made will go towards a much needed permanent covering structure for our wonderful outdoor playground area. We need parents to offer their assistance for this event, please confirm your availability via the reply slip emailed.

Warm regards,
Theresa Minnë
Dean of Studies

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”

Robert Matnard Hutchins

Textbooks 2018

Term 1 – Newsletter 3

Dear Parents,

We started our week off in joyful celebration by marking the entry into our 20th year with a School Blessing Service. Thank you to all who attended. It was certainly a blessed experience. We express our deep gratitude to Fr David for his role as celebrant and to all the participants that shared in this beautiful occasion.

Please note the following:

Punctual Arrival Time
Pupils must be on campus no later than 07h45. There is a disturbing trend of tardiness being noticed.

Civvies Day Dress Code
Please note that there is a dress code for Fridays when the pupils wear civvies for Happy Tummy. They may not wear t-shirts with messages on them and their jeans may not be tattered.

Important Dates
– Friday the 1 st of February: Supplies are due, please.

– Grade 4 – 9 parents that haven’t bought textbooks yet, urgently need to do so.
– We are also collecting tins for recycling.

Warm regards,
Theresa Minnë
Dean of Studies

“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Textbooks 2018

Term 1 – Newsletter 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new week! Please take note of the following important notices.

Traffic Protocol
It is very important to ensure that we do not block the driveways of our neighbours, please!!
We have received complaints in this regard.
Kindly follow the protocol of always keeping to the same side as the school and ensure that you do not park in front of 1 Utrecht Street.
Please communicate this rule to all drivers and lift clubs.

Important Dates
Tuesday the 22 nd January: Parent Meeting for grades 1-6 at 19h00
Wednesday the 23 rd January: Parent Meeting for grades 7-9 at 19h00
Friday the 1 st of February: Supplies are due, please.

Grade 4 – 9 parents that haven’t bought textbooks yet, urgently need to do so.
Happy Tummy Feeding Scheme- please support by sending R5 for civvies every Friday.
Please ensure all books are covered
We are collecting plastic bread tags for recycling.

Homework Classes
Please take note of the advertisement attached, for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Parent Meeting,
Theresa Minnë

Textbooks 2018

Term 1 – Newsletter 1

Dear Parents

It is with great excitement and anticipation that I welcome you to the academic year of 2019!

Kindly take note of the following important dates and information for the term ahead.

Monday 14th January – school opens for teachers
Wednesday 16th January – school opens for pupils
Tuesday 22nd January, 19h00, – Parent Information Evening, Grade 1 – 6
Wednesday 23rd January, 19h00, – Parent Information Evening, Grade 7 – 9
Thursday 7th to Wednesday 13th March – grade 7-9 Assessment Presentations
Tuesday 16th- Thursday 18th April – Grade 7-9 Camp
Friday 19th April – Public Holiday (Good Friday)
Monday 22nd April Public Holiday (Easter Monday)

Tuesday 19th March – Sports Day
Wednesday 20th March – school closes

Teachers will inform parents of dates of outings.

School will run a normal timetable from the first day:
Grade 1 & 2: 08h00 – 13h15
Grade 3: 08h00 – 14h00
Grade 4 – 9: 08h00 – 14h30
GED: 09h00 – 13h00

School closes at 13h15 for all pupils on Fridays

The school doors open at 07h30 and pupils should be in their classrooms by 07h45, ready to start promptly at 08h00.

Pupils should be collected timeously at closing times. Should parents be later than 15 minutes after closing, pupils will be handed over to the Aftercare in the van der Spuy house, where they can be collected at R60 per afternoon.

Class teachers can be contacted via email by using their initial and surname followed by @abeilleruche.co.za, for example: nhansford@abeilleruche.co.za
The finance team may be contacted via email on finance@abeilleruche.co.za

Aftercare will be available for all grades from the first day of school and runs from straight after school until 17h30.
Homework is supervised by a qualified teacher.
Please pack a change of clothes and an extra snack in for your child as we do not provide lunch.
The Aftercare does not operate during the holidays.

Should you wish to enrol your child in permanent aftercare, please complete the attached form and return it to the school.

Should your child not be enrolled in the permanent Aftercare, but you would like him/her to stay at school if you’re running late or have other business to attend to, casual Aftercare is offered at R60 per afternoon, for which you will receive a statement for all usage during the month at the end thereof. Please phone the school to let the teacher know that your child must be handed over to the Aftercare.

Late collection after 17h30 will be charged at R100 per hour or part thereof.

Please make every effort to attend these important information sessions. Service providers for extra-murals will be available for you to sign up your child, you will get to spend time with your child’s teacher, have the opportunity to ask questions and receive other important information about the camp and other initiatives.

We have been supporting this worthy charity for some years and will continue to do so in 2019. Please send R5 with your child on Fridays, to place in the Happy Tummy collection which Mrs Simpson will continue to hand over to her church every Sunday. The funds support a feeding scheme.

Please send the supplies relevant to your child’s grade according to the attached list. Your assistance with supplies helps to keep our costs down and school fees affordable.

Our school has a small, limited Tuck Shop that cannot replace a healthy lunch that should be packed for your child daily. Please ensure that he/she also has a water bottle at school.

It is very important that all items belonging to your child are clearly marked with his/her full name and not just cryptic initials. Stationery & clothing items are too expensive for you to be replacing lost property during the course of the year. We have a collection of unmarked uniform items that have been unclaimed despite our efforts to find their owners.

HIGH SCHOOL CAMP, Grades 7 – 9
Our annual camp will take place in April as usual and parents of pupils in Grades 7 – 9 should be aware that they will need to budget for this event. More information will be provided at the Information Evening.

School fees for January are now due:
Grade 1 – 6: R4 392 per month, 1st January – 1st December
Grade 7 – 9: R4 872 per month, 1st January – 1st December

Up front annual fee payments are due by 31st January:
Grade 1 – 6: R50 073
Grade 7 – 9: R55 540

School and teachers – 021 5598902
Theresa – 021 5598902/ 071 8838283
Liz – 021 5598902 / 074 1819808
Finance – Maylin – 083 9408139

Kind regards

Theresa Minne

Textbooks 2018

Compliments of the Season

Elizabeth Simpson

AttachmentsMon, 7 Jan, 11:04 (1 day ago)

to bcc: me
Good morning Parents

Compliments of the season to all and here’s to a wonderful year together at Abeille Ruche School.

Just a few reminders as we gear ourselves up for the new term:


School starts for our pupils next Wednesday, 16th January, so you still have a week for those last minute preparations for the new term.

School starts promptly at 08h00 every morning, so pupils need to be in class by 07h50. Our gate opens at 07h30 for the early birds.
School closing times: Grades 1 & 2 close at 13h15; Grade 3 closes at 14h00 and Grade 4 – 9 close at 14h30. Pupils who are not collected within fifteen minutes of closing will be handed over to the aftercare.
Aftercare opens on 16th January and operates from straight after school until 17h30. I have attached an aftercare form that can be handed in to Shelley, our aftercare supervisor, should you wish your child to join the aftercare. Aftercare runs at our van der Spuy House.


I have attached stationery and textbook lists for your convenience. Textbooks are applicable to Grade 4 – 9 pupils only. Please note that our English and Afrikaans textbooks have changed so, while you may have purchased second hand books from pupils leaving your child’s grade, all pupils will need to purchase the new English and Afrikaans books. I have attached the Book Box order form, should you wish to use them for your order. I have also attached a flyer advertising Eduguru bookshop that sells both new and second hand textbooks. Please ensure that your child has his/her stationery and textbooks requirements ready on the first day of school. All items belonging to your child should be clearly marked with his/her name.

I have attached the uniform order form.


At the end of last term, I announced a new management structure for our school, commencing this term. Our management and staff are as follows:

Dean of Studies: Mrs Theresa Minne:Theresa will be taking over communication from me once the new term commences, and you’ll be receiving weekly updates from her every Monday. Theresa can be contacted on tminne@abeilleruche.co.za or on the school phone number – 021 5598902. Theresa also runs the GED (matric alternative) at our school.
Dean of Academics: Ms Tamryn van Zyl: Tamryn takes charge of developing the curriculum, overseeing staff and pupil performance and can be contacted on tvanzyl@abeilleruche.co.za. Tamryn is also the EMS and Science teacher for Grade 7 – 9 pupils.
Head of Foundation Phase: Mrs Nikki Terry: Nikkki takes charge of all matters pertaining to the Foundation Phase and can be contacted on nterry@abeilleruche.co.za. Nikki is also the Grade 1 teacher.
Grade 2: Mrs Marianne Leroux is substituting for Ms Nicole Brink for the first term. We congratulate Ms Brink on the arrival of little Lily during the holidays. Marianne can be contacted on mleroux@abeilleruche.co.za
Grade 3 – Mrs Jann Penfold, jpenfold@abeilleruche.co.za
Grade 4 – Ms Claire Whittemore, cwhittemore@abeilleruche.co.za
Grade 5 – Mrs Mariaan Avenant. mavenant@abeilleruche.co.za
Grade 6 – Ms Mary Olden, molden@abeilleruche.co.za
Grade 7 – 9 Afrikaans and Creative Arts – Mrs Christal Stemmet (along with Grade 4 – 6 Creative Arts), cstemmet@abeilleruche.co.za
Grade 7 – 9 Maths, Geography & Technology – Ms Tanielle Styane. tstyane@abeilleruche.co.za
Grade 7 – 9 English, History and Life Orientation – Mr Matthew Tarling, mtarling@abeilleruche.co.za

Many blessings and joy for the year ahead.

Textbooks 2018

Term 4 – Newsletter 9

Dear Parents

Greetings on this wet and beautiful morning. Hopefully the rain will hold off for our outings and Prize Giving scheduled for this week:

Tomorrow, Tuesday, our pupils will be visiting Nazareth House to sing Christmas Carols and distribute gifts to the elderly, along with your generous donations of toys and clothes, to the children. Pupils should wear their school uniforms on this outing. Parents are most welcome to join us and provide transport.

Fallen Angels animal rescue society will be visiting our school tomorrow and will receive your donations to their charity.

On Wednesday, our Grade 3 – 9 pupils will be walking in the Tygerberg Nature Reserve. The cost of this outing is R10. Pupils may wear civvies on Wednesday. Parents are most welcome to join us and provide transport.

On Thursday, we will practise for Prize Giving.

School will close at 13h15 from today until Thursday and Aftercare will run as normal.

On Friday school will close at 10h30, after Prize Giving practice. Aftercare will close at 17h30 on Friday and will reopen on 16th January.

On Friday evening, Foundation Phase Prize Giving will take place from 18h00 – 19h00. Please bring your own chair if available and a plate of sweet and a plate of savoury snacks to share after the Prize Giving.

Foundation Phase pupils (Grades 1 – 3) should arrive at school at 17h30 for the Prize Giving. Parents may view the art that will be on display while waiting for the event to start at 18h00.

Senior Phase pupils (Grades 4 – 9) should arrive at 19h00 for their Prize Giving, that will take place from 19h30 – 20h30. Please bring chairs if avaialble and a plate of savoury and a plate of sweet snacks to share after the event. Parents may view the art that will be on display while waiting for the event to commence at 19h30.

Pupils are to dress smartly for Prize Giving – boys in collar and tie and girls to wear pretty dresses.

I have attached the stationery and textbook lists. The Narnia set-books for next year are avaialble at the school at R20. Should you wish to purchase a Narnia book, please send R20 in an envelope marked with the book’s name and your child’s name.

Our textbook supplier will be on campus on 6th December. Their order form is attached, should you wish to purchase from them.

Reports will be sent out electronically, once our schedules have been approved by the WCED, by the end of the official WCED term.

Our school will close on Friday after Prize Giving and will reopen on Wednesday 16th January (not 14th as per my previous email). We have chosen to close a little early and to open a few days late so that our Christmas holiday period is extended a little. We will catch up the “missing” three days at the end of the first term, when our school will close on 20th March.

I’m looking forward to seeing all at Prize Giving on Friday.

Kind regards