Term 4 – Newsletter 1

Dear Parents

A wonderful welcome to the final term of 2017. This term will be short and intense, so hang onto your hats as things speed up.

Please diarise these important dates:
Thursday 12th & Friday 13th October – The Book People
Monday 16th – Thursday 19th October – Parent/Teacher meetings
Tuesday 17th October – Orientation Day
Wednesday 18th October – Photo Day’
Tuesday 7th November – Mobile Bookstore
16th – 24th November – approximate dates for exams for Grade 6 – 9
Tuesday 5th December – Art Exhibition & Prize Giving

Class teachers will inform parents of dates of outings to take place in the term.

A display of books for sale will be set up in the Art room this Thursday and Friday and you’re welcome to visit the school between 10h30 and 15h00 in order to purchase books for your children. You may also purchase a book to donate to the school, should you wish to do so. This is a good opportunity to get some early Christmas shopping done! Your child has a leaflet in his/her homework book with further details.

These important meetings will take place next week. Your child’s teacher will supply you with a mutually acceptable day and time to attend. Grade 7 – 9 pupils must attend with their parents.

Orientation Day for our new Grade 1 pupils of 2018 will take place next Tuesday, 17th October from 08h30 – 10h30. Current grade 1 pupils will spend the time in Grade 2 and so on up to Grade 5, giving them a chance to experience life in the grade they will be in next year..

Next Wednesday is photo day, so please ensure that your children are dressed in the correct school uniform for the day.

On 7th November, a mobile bookstore will visit our school, where, once again, you’ll be able to purchase books for your children.

Exams are just a little over a month away, so it is imperative that our Grade 6 – 9 pupils stay on top of their work and make sure that they are studying every day, starting today.
Grade 1 – 5 pupils will be assessed continuously during the course of the term.

Our school year will end with our annual Art Exhibition at St Mark’s Church on Tuesday 5th December, commencing at 18h00. You will be able to “purchase” your child’s artworks for a donation (minimum R50). Our annual Prize Giving ceremony will take place on the same evening, at 19h00.

Our annual Community Service will take place after exams. We’ll be asking for donations of small gifts of toiletries to take to the Retirement Village and books and magazines as well. Also for pet related items to take to Animal Anti-Cruelty and clothes, books and toys to take to the orphanage that we support. You may start sending these to school as soon as possible.

Happy Tummy is ongoing every Friday, where you may send a minimum of R5 to school and if your child donates, he/she may wear civvies on Fridays.

We’re collecting plastic bread tags, so send these along to school too, and our paper recycling is ongoing.

Please send supplies to school as per the attached roster, as soon as possible. but by Friday at the latest.

“Just keep going. Everybody gets better if they keep at it.” – Ted Williams

Kind regards


Term 3 – Newsletter 10

Dear Parents

I trust that all enjoyed Heritage Day yesterday and ready for the last week of term.

I have to start off with a “Good news and bad news” scenario:

The bad news is that our T-shirt supplier let us down and so we have had to cancel our order there, but the good news is that we will still be able to supply a memento of the Speech & Drama Evening, in the form of a mug and not a T-shirt. Parents who have ordered and paid for T-shirts will be receiving their mugs on Thursday, along with their change. Mugs cost R70 each, so if you would like to order a mug, please place R70 per mug in an envelope marked with your child’s name and “MUGS”. These orders must be in tomorrow (Wednesday).

A dress rehearsal will be held at the church tomorrow. Should your child’s costume not be at school, please ensure that it comes with him/her tomorrow morning.

Grateful thanks to parent who are helping with lifts. We need you again tomorrow and Thursday, leaving school at 08h30 and returning at 12h00 today and tomorrow and at 11h30 on Thursday.

Today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday) school closes at 13h15.
Thursday school closes at 11h30. Pupils may be collected from the church or from campus, but if you’re collecting from the church, please write a note to this effect in your child’s homework book.

It is imperative that all our pupils attend school this week to participate in our final practices for the Speech & Drama Evening.

SPEECH & DRAMA EVENING, Thursday 28th September, 19h00, St Mark’s Church, Edgemead
Pupils need to be back at the church at 18h00.

Parents may be seated from 18h30.

Parents who are supplying eats may drop them in the church kitchen between 18h00 and 18h45.

There may still be tickets available at the door, but it would be preferable if you could let us have your ticket order tomorrow so that we can ensure that there will be adequate seating for all.

Should you be planning to bring along a small child, under the age of five, please note that a cry room is available to accommodate younger children.

School closes officially on Friday 29th September at 10h30. However, since pupils will be attending a school function on Thursday evening, they do not need to attend school in Friday. Teachers will be present and aftercare will run in case there are parents who would like to send their children to school.

Reports will be sent out electronically on Friday.

The third term roster is attached.

School re-opens on Monday 9th October.

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions!” – Albert Einstein

See you all on Thursday evening


Term 3 – Newsletter 9

Dear Parents

The penultimate week of term has dawned and our minds are well-focused on our exciting Speech & Drama Evening which will take place next Thursday, 28th September.

SPEECH & DRAMA EVENING, 19h00, St Mark’s Church, Edgemead, 28th September.


Tickets are selling like hotcakes, so please order yours without delay if you have not done so. Place R30 per ticket in an envelope marked with your child’s name and “Tickets”.


Please ensure that your child’s costume is at school before this Thursday, 21st September, as our first dress rehearsal will be held on Friday 22nd September.


Speech & Drama T-shirt orders need to be in by this Wednesday, 20th September, so that we can give final numbers to our supplier.


A reminder to parents who promised to provide refreshments that non-perishables may be sent to school this week and that plates of eats may be handed in at the church kitchen on the night.
Friday 22nd September – Speech & Drama dress rehearsal will take place during school hours and school will close as normal at 13h15.
Monday 25th September – Public Holiday
Tuesday 26th September – first practice at church. Thanks to parents who have offered lifts, We’ll leave school at 08h30 to start our practice at 09h00. Pupils will return to school at 12h00 and school will close at 13h15. Pupils will be collected from campus.
Wednesday 27th September – dress rehearsal at church. Same routine as Tuesday.
Thursday 28th September – Final run-through in church from 09hh0 – approx11h00. Pupils may leave from the church or be collected at campus at 11h30, so that they may rest before the evening’s performance.
– Pupils must return to the church at 18h00 that evening. Please apply make-up foundation and lipstick to your child (boys too!)
– Ticket-holders may be seated from 18h30 and the performance will begin at 19h00.
Friday 29th September – break up day. Since pupils will be at the performance on Thursday evening, it will not be compulsory for them to attend school on Friday, but teachers will be present, so parents may drop their children, should they so wish, and collect them at 10h30.

Please ensure that lift-providers are aware of our closing times for next week.

Aftercare will run as normal up until and including, Friday 29th September and will then close for the Michaelmas holidays. Aftercare will reopen on Monday 9th October.

Reports will be sent out electronically on 29th September.

School reopens on Monday 9th October.

Many thanks for your assistance with supplies as per the attached for Term 4.

“Don’t count the days, make the days count!” – Muhammed Ali

Enjoy Heritage Day on Monday.

Kind regards


Term 3 – Newsletter 8

Dear Parents

Many thanks for supporting our Grade 1 cake sale, at which we made R290 for our Parent Committee fund-raising initiative.

SPEECH & DRAMA EVENING, St Mark’s Methodist Church, Edgemead, 19h00, 28th September

Tickets: please return your ticket order form as soon as possible.
Lifts for Speech & Drama practices: please fill in the form attached to your child’s homework diary to indicate whether you are able to provide help with lifts to the practices at the church, as follows: Tuesday 26th September – 09h00 – 12h00
Wednesday 27th September – 09h00 – 12h00
Thursday 28th September – 09h00 – 11h00
T-shirts: Special Speech & Drama T-shirts will be on sale shortly and we’d like to encourage all parents to purchase T-shirts for themselves and their children to add to the fun and excitement of the evening. Order forms will be avaialble soon.


Our pupils entered a T-shirt design competition, but we were so impressed with the artwork, that we decided to award prizes in three categories: T-shirt, programme and ticket design. Congratulations to our winners:

T-shirt design – Inez

Programme design – Tharesha

Ticket design – Vuyo

These three pupils will not need to pay for their T-shirts.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” – Dr Robert Schuller

Have a very blessed week



Term 3 – Newsletter 7

Dear Parents

A beautiful Spring day as we enter the final few weeks of term.

This week is Prayer Week at school. We’ll be concentrating on praying specifically for our country and our community. We invite parents to join us as you also uphold our country and community in prayer.
Date: Thursday 28th September
Time: 19h00 (pupils to arrive 18h00)
Venue: St Mark’s Methodist Church, Edgemead
Cost: R30 per ticket
Please invite extended family and friends to come and enjoy our fabulous production.
Tea and eats will be served after the play.
Please send donations of catering items to school and plates of eats may be handed in at the venue on the night.


Thanks to Ms Lyons and her team of willing assistants who worked on props and backdrops last Friday. We appreciate you very much!


An order form has been stapled in your child’s homework book. Please complete and place payment in an envelope clearly marked : SPEECH & DRAMA TICKETS, along with your child’s name. Please return to the school by 22nd September.


Thank you for sending your child’s costume to school last Friday. If you weren’t able to do so, please let us have the costume this week.


At this time of year, I receive many enquiries from parents looking for spaces for their children in the new year. In order to ascertain the number of available spaces in each grade in 2018, current parents should submit the attached readmission form by the end of term, 29th September. A hard copy of this form has been attached to your child’s homework book for your convenience.
We are currently updating our textbook and stationery lists. These will be avaialble to parents shortly.


The Parent Committee will meet at 18h00 this evening at van der Spuy house.


As part of their History study programme, Grade 9 pupils will attend an Apartheid Experience evening tonight at 18h00 at Utrecht House.
Grade 7 – 9 pupils will be presenting their formal assessment tasks next week. Please ensure that your child is working on his/her presentations at home.
Reports will be sent out electronically on the last day of term.
“If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters” – Claire Cook
Have a rewarding week.



Term 3 – Newsletter 6

Dear Parents

I trust that the new week will be a joyful one. This week’s newsletter mostly concerns the Speech & Drama Evening:


Please send your child’s costume costume to school by Friday.


This Friday, 1st September, a work party to construct props and backdrops will take place at the school, commencing at 13h30. We would like as many parents to help out as possible – many hands make light work! You don’t have to be “artistic”, just willing to help/


Tickets will be on sale shortly at R30 per ticket.


Friday is Casual Day, so please purchase a sticker for R10.
 Grade 1 pupils will be holding their cake sale next Wednesday, 6th September.
“Life is like a bicycle – to keep your balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein
Have a very good good week



Term 3 – Newsletter 5

Dear Parents
We find ourselves in the middle of Term 3, with Spring in the air and the Speech & Drama Evening on the way.
SPEECH & DRAMA EVENING, Thursday 28th September, 19h00, St Mark’s Methodist Church, Edgemead:
Your child will be receiving details of his/her costume this week. Please contact Ms Laverne Lyons:, if you have any questions regarding costumes.
Work Party:
Next Friday, 1st September, we’ll be holding a work-party at school, to create and paint props and backdrops, starting straight after school and going through into the evening. Let me know if you’re able to help.
Lighting at St Mark’s is always a challenge and we’re wondering if there is a parent who would be able to organise a spotlight/lighting for us on that evening. Please let Ms Lyons know if you’re able to help. We would also like a parent to film for us so that we can sell souvenir copies of the play to pupils after the event.

Tickets will be on sale at R30 per ticket. Please encourage your extended family and friends to support this exciting event.

Many thanks to all parents for offering to supply various items for the evening. By now you should have received a “thank you” from me and a reminder of what you promised to send to school. (I have attached the list). Items related to props and backdrops may be sent as soon as possible. Non-perishable items may be sent at your convenience and perishables may be handed in at the church kitchen on the evening.
Speaking of donations, our school supports various community projects and I’d like to thank you for your active involvement in the following:


Each class is collecting scrap paper for recycling. Last term’s winners were Grade 4. They will be given an extra half-hour off school as a reward.


This new project is aimed at providing wheelchairs for disabled people. Please send the little plastic tags that seal bread packets to school. This helps us keep plastic out of our environment and supports a good cause.


Next Friday, 1st September, is Casual Day. Stickers are on sale at the school for R10. We’re supporting Molenbeeck School for children with severe learning barriers again this year. I have pledged our school to sell 100 stickers, so please order your stickers from us. Place R10 per sticker in an envelope and clearly mark it with your child’s name and “Casual Day”.


Every Friday is “Happy Tummy” day. Pupils who donate R5 or more on a Friday may dress in civvies. Note that Casual Day and Happy Tummy day coincide next week, so please support both if you can. Last Friday, we handed over R1 158.80 to the Happy Tummy organisers for the second term.


Our on-going Parent Committee initiative supports Boucher House with good used clothes, books and toys and Fallen Angels animal rescue with pet-related items. Items may be sent to school at your convenience and we’ll pass them on the the Parent Committee.


The SPCA has provided us with a tin, in which we can place our small change. We’d like to encourage you to send a few small coins to school for this tin.

Grade 1 pupils are requested to bring cupcakes to sell on 6th September and pupils in other classes to bring some money to spend.


Should you wish to donate a book to the school on your child’s birthday, please feel free to do so. We would appreciate books by the best children’s authors, amongst whom are C S Lewis, Roald Dahl, Anthony Horowitz, Sue Townsend, Jenny Seed, E B White, There are many others of course!

Formal assessments for Grade 7 – 9 pupils begin on 11th September, Pupils will have to prepare well for the assessments which take place for English, Afrikaans, History, Geography and Natural Science. Pupils in these grades have received detailed instructions from their subject teachers. I’d like to encourage parents to go through these instructions with their children and to assist in preparing substantial material for the presentations.
Continuous assessment takes place for all other grades and subjects during the course of the term.

“There are seven days in one week and someday isn’t one of them!” – Author unknown

Have a wonderful week



Term 3 – Newsletter 4

Dear Parents

The new week has begun with two teachers absent, two sick but at school and many coughs and splutters among the pupils too. I do hope that all our parents are managing to stay well at this time.

I’m in the classroom today, which means I’m trying to get my newsletter out, while teaching, so will have to find moments to snatch throughout the day.


Our Parent Committee met on Monday and discussed the following:

  • Donations for Fallen Angels (pet rescue) and Boucher House (orphanage) may be sent to the school.
  • Grade 1 cake sale: 6 September. Grade 1 parents please supply cake for us to sell to the rest of the school.
  • A suggestion is that parents could donate a book to the school on their child’s birthday, a sticker will be placed in the book to commemorate the birthday. If you would like to participate in this, please send along a book on your child’s birthday.
  • Next meeting 4 September


These assessments will start on 11th September. Pupils in Grades 7 – 9 have received the tasks that they need to prepare for. Parents can assist by discussing the tasks and ensuring that their children are working on these daily.

Casual Day will be held on Friday 1st September and we will be supporting the Molenbeeck School for children with disabilities again this year. Stickers cost R10. I have pledged our school to sell 100 stickers, so please buy your sticker from us.

Please send R10 in an envelope, clearly marked with your child’s name and “Casual Day”.

Happy Tummy donations will also be collected as usual on that Friday.

“What seems to us like bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.” – Oscar Wilde

Enjoy your week.



Term 3 – Newsletter 3

Dear Parents

Our almond tree is blossoming, with signs of approaching spring and yet we still need winter rains to appear.

On this note, I’d like to say a big “Thank you” to Catherine who came to talk to our pupils about the importance of saving water. Her passion in this regard has been transferred to all of us at Abeille Ruche, so I would like to encourage you to keep on saving water at home too.

Many thanks to all who attended the parent/teacher interviews last week. Our pupils will benefit from the school and home working together to further their education.

Our first Parent Committee meeting of the term will take place this evening at 18h00 at van der Spuy house.Please let Tamryn know if you have anything to add to the agenda:


School will be closed on Wednesday for Women’s Day.

PHOTO DAY, Thursday

We are in the process of updating our prospectus. On Thursday, a photographer will visit our school to take photos in the classrooms and grounds. Please ensure that you child is dressed in the correct uniform. If you object to your child’s face appearing in our advertising, please let me know so that we can ensure that he/she is not present in the photos.


Thanks to continued sponsorship, an exciting project is underway at our school to establish a more visible library, as opposed to the classroom libraries of the past. We have appointed the following pupils to serve as librarians in our school:
Joshua, Grade 9
Asande & Raul, Grade 8
Tharesha, Grade 7
Jemima, Maliaka and Wasim, Grade 6

Congratulations to all of you. Librarian badges will be handed our during assembly on Friday. Ms Sharp will oversee the librarians.


Hearty congratulations to our small Grade 8 & 9 class for hosting the cake sale last week. They raised R450 towards our Parent Committee fund raising initiative.


Please let us have your reply slip by Thursday.

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others;

Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?'” – Brian Tracy

Have a beautiful week.



Term 3 – Newsletter 2

Dear Parents

This second week of term is packed with meetings & we’re looking forward to discussing your children’s progress.

Parent/Teacher meetings in grades 1 – 5 are taking place during the course of the week. You have received a day and time from your child’s teacher.

Grade 6 – 9 interviews are on Wednesday & Thursday. You have received a day and time from Ms van Zyl.

If you’re not sure when your meeting is, please contact your child’s teacher, Grade 1 – 5 and Ms van Zyl, Grade 6 – 9, or you may contact me.

Auditions for the speaking roles for our Speech & Drama Evening were held on Friday. Roles will be allocated today. Pupils with speaking parts will need to learn their words as soon as possible.

All practices will take place during school time.
A list of costumes for Grade 1 – 3 follows. Pupils in the older grades will be given specific instructions for their outfits, which will be sent in the homework books.
Grade 1:
1. yellow T-shirt
2. blue jeans
3. black tackies
4. hand-made paper Minion goggles

Grade 2:
1. dark green T-shirt
2. black jeans

Grade 3:
1. checked shirt
2. blue jeans

Parents who would like to assist with making of props and backdrops, please let me know.

I have attached a list of items that we need for the evening. Please return the slip that is attached to your child’s homework book, indicating how you are able to assist.

Many thanks to parents who have sent in their supplies for the term. Please let us have these as soon as possible.  I have attached the roster.

Grade 8 & 9 cake sale will take place on Wednesday. Items are priced at R5. Please send a little money with your child on Wednesday.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me!” – Ayn Rand

Kind regards