Textbook List Grade 7 - 9 2020

Term 4 – Welcome Newsletter

Good morning Parents

I feel so thrilled to be welcoming one and all to the fourth and final term of 2019. Here are the term dates that have been arranged, with additional outing dates to follow from individual teachers:

Term Dates:

1 October – School reopens for the fourth term

8th October – school photo day (pupils to be smartly dressed in full summer school uniform)

8th October – FET meeting at 17h30, Utrecht House

23rd October – Grade 1 orientation morning, van der Spuy House, 08h30 – 11h00

11th – 19th November – exams for Grade 6 – 9 pupils

21st November – movie character dress up and movie day (fund raiser)

22nd November – Park clean up and picnic

27th November – Grade 4 – 9 outing to Ice Rink

28th November – Grade 4 – 6 outing to Nazareth House for Christmas Carols

Grade 7 – 9 girls visit orphanage at Nazareth House

Grade 7 – 9 boys visit Fallen Angels

2nd December – Grade 3 – 9 outing to Tygerberg Nature Reserve

3rd December Art Exhibition and Prize Giving

4th December – school closes

More information about the above dates will be available on the D6 as time goes by.

Our dear Ms Olden celebrated her marriage during the holidays and has come back to us as Mrs Birns. Her email address will change accordingly to

FET Meeting, 8th October, Utrecht House, 17h30

All parents who are interested in keeping their children at Abeille Ruche through to a matric equivalent are welcome to join us for an information session on Tuesday 8th October at 17h30 at Utrecht House. Our FET Phase (Grades 10 – 12) will offer the Cambridge Curriculum at IGCSE (Grades 10 & 11) and AS level (Grade 12). All parents of all grades are more than welcome to join us, but RSVP by return of email so that we will know how much accommodation will be needed. Maylin will provide you with an access code for the evening.


We request that supplies according to the attached list be send to the school by this Friday, 4th October.

Grade 1 Orientation Morning, 23rd October, 08h30 – 11h00:

Our new Grade pupils will be visiting us to spend time with Mrs Terry. on 23rd October. Current Grade 1 pupils will visit Grade 2 and so on up to Grade 5, who will visit Grade 6. Should you be planning to enrol siblings of our current pupils for 2020, please complete the attached application forms if you have not yet done so. Please also let friends and family know that we still have limited space available in our Grade 1 class for 2020.

Readmission forms:

Please complete your readmission form (attached) and return it to the school by 18th October, in order to ensure that your child has a space in our school for the new year.

Outreach Programme:

Exams will end on 19th November this year. This is an early date, but we have been notified by the education department that our end of year schedules must be presented to the WCED on 26th November and we will need the time to complete all our assessments and marking. School will not close, all pupils will be expected to participate in the outreach programme that will take place leading up to the end of term.

Parents are asked to donate the following in support of our community service:

small gifts eg chocolates/soaps for the elderly
pet related items, eg dog food, toys, blankets, treats
good used clothes, toys, books, games for the children in the orphanage

These items may be sent to the school at your convenience.

Our recycling project continues this term, with the first collection being this Wednesday. Plastic, paper and tins are welcome.

Here’s to a smooth and peaceful fourth term!

Kind regards

Textbook List Grade 7 - 9 2020

Term 3 – Newsletter 1

Dear Parents

Welcome to the third term at Abeille Ruche School. Busy times lie ahead, as you see will on the following term dates:


School & Aftercare open for the third term Tuesday 9th July

Parent meetings next week 15th – 18th July, please sign the register avaialble on both campuses

Public holiday 9th August, school & aftercare will be closed

Foundation Phase outing to Observatory 14th August

Assessment presentations (High School), commencing 4th September

Maths control test, Gr 7 – 9, 9th September

Holocaust museum Grade 9 outing 16th September

Grade 6 – 8 Natural History museum outing 17th September

Speech & Drama Evening 18th & 19th September

Break up 20th September


We are happy to let you know that we now offer a tracksuit as part of the winter uniform. Our supplier, Linda, will be on campus on Friday to take fittings for our pupils. Linda can be contacted regarding uniform orders:

Linda Engel


We experienced a few glitches in getting our communicator up at running at the end of last term, but you should be receiving an invitation to join the communicator during the course of today.


We are happy to inform you that our recycling drive will be up and running again this term. You may send paper, plastic, tins and glass to school for collection to take place every Thursday.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Mandela’s Mugs of Love, Saturday 13th July, 11h00 – 15h00

We will be participating in the above event hosted by the Monte Vista Girl Guides.

We request that parents send in any old mugs that are no longer in use, along with donations of coffee/hot chocolate sachets/sweets/biscuits that can be placed in the mugs, which we will hand over to the Guides on Saturday.


Happy Tummy collections resume on Friday. Pupils who bring R5 to donate to this charity may attend school in civvies on Friday.


Our Speech & Drama presentation will take place over two evenings again this year.


Please find attached supplies rota. Your assistance is much appreciated.Supplies should be sent to school by 19th July.

We wish all our pupils and parents a successful, fun-filled third term.

Kind regards

Textbook List Grade 7 - 9 2020

Term 2 – Newsletter 11

Good morning Parents

We have entered the final week of school, with the following reminders before we all take a well-deserved break:


School closes at 12h45 from today (Monday) until Thursday. On Friday, school closes at 10h30. Please ensure that lift providers are aware of these times.

Aftercare remains open until 17h30 daily until Friday.

School and aftercare will be closed from Friday 14th June until Tuesday 9th July.

Please find attached the rota for supplies for term 3. Your assistance is much appreciated.

Reports will be distributed electronically on Friday. Parent/teacher meetings will be scheduled for the second week of the new term, to enable teachers to communicate with you regarding your child’s progress.

We are bidding farewell to Mr Tarling and Mrs Stemmet and welcoming Mrs Marianne Leroux and Mrs Kerry-Anne Ross in their place. Some staff responsibilities have changed going forward:
Ms Tamryn van Zyl – English for Grades 7 – 9 and EMS for Grade 9
Ms Tanielle Styane – Maths and Geography for Grades 7 – 9 and EMS for Grade 8
Mrs Marianne Leroux – Afrikaans for Grades 7 – 9 and Creative Arts for Grade 4 – 9
Mrs Kerry-Anne Ross – Natural Science, History, L O and Technology for Grades 7 – 9 and EMS for Grade 7

Our communicator will be up and running for the new term. You will receive an invitation to join. We look forward to a new era of even better communication between school and home.

Kind regards

Textbook List Grade 7 - 9 2020

Term 2 – Newsletter 10

Good morning Parents

Just a few reminders as we enter the penultimate week of term.

Thursday 6th June – whole school closes at 12h15
Friday 7th June – visit from the mobile bookstore, school closes at 13h15
Monday 10th – Thursday 13th June – school closes at 12h45 daily
Friday 14th June – school closes at 10h30 for the winter holidays
School recommences on Tuesday 9th July

Aftercare will remain open until 17h30 every day until 14th June and then will close for the holidays, reopening on 9th July..

On Wednesday 5th June our Muslim pupils will be celebrating Eid, so exams will halt for the day. Pupils in Grade 6 – 9 may choose to study at home for the day, or attend school for supervised study periods. Parents, please let us know in writing if you are keeping your child at home to study on Wednesday. This only applies to pupils in Grades 6 – 9 who are writing exams.

A kind reminder that the mobile bookstore will be visiting us this Friday, 7th June. Should you wish to donate a book to our library, please place an amount of R30 – R50 in an envelope marked “School”. Should you wish to purchase a book for your child, please place an amount in a separate envelope marked with your child’s name.

Your continued assistance with supplies is much imprecated and I have attached the rota for the third term.

Kind regards

Textbook List Grade 7 - 9 2020

Term 2 – Newsletter 9

Dear Parents

A busy week lies ahead, with exams starting tomorrow.

EXAMS, Grades 6 – 9
Pupils in Grade 6 – 9 will be starting exams tomorrow. These pupils may leave school at 13h15 daily during exams, or they may stay at school for supervised study until 14h30. On 5th June, there will be no exam, so parents may keep their children at home to study, or send them to school, but please let us know if you are not going to send your child to school on that day (with the exception of Muslim parents, as we know that your children will not be attending school).

Grade 1 – 5 pupils will continue with their normal daily timetable until Thursday 6th June, when school will close at 12h15 for all pupils.

Please ensure that lift providers are aware of the following times that school will close towards the end of term:
Thursday 6th June – whole school closes at 12h15
Friday 7th June – visit from the mobile bookstore, school closes at 13h15
Monday 10th – Thursday 13th June – school closes at 12h45 daily
Friday 14th June – school closes at 10h30 for the winter holidays
School recommences on Tuesday 9th July

Aftercare will remain open until 17h30 every day until 14th June and then will close for the holidays, reopening on 9th July..

A kind reminder that we would appreciate it if you could donate a book to our library by sending an amount of about R30 – R50 to school on Friday 7th June, for your child to spend at the bookstore. Please place the amount in an envelope marked “School” and an amount in a separate envelope marked with your child’s name should you wish to purchase a book for your child to take home.

With the approach of winter, some of our pupils have become creative with the school uniform. Please ensure that your child is dressed in our school’s winter uniform: the long sleeved T-shirt underneath the fleecy top. Boys may wear beige/khaki chinos, with brown shoes. Girls wear their skorts, with woollen tights and their brown boots/shoes. Our girls do not wear trousers to school.

The process is almost complete, so the new communicator should be available to parents in the course of this week.

Our road has reopened, so parents may use Utrecht St again, but please enter Utrecht from van der Spuy, so that all traffic flows in the same direction.

Wishing you a good week ahead.

Kind regards

Textbook List Grade 7 - 9 2020

Term 2 – Newsletter 8

Dear Parents,

A very warm and grateful “Thank you” to all our parents for your wonderful support of the Culture Evening held last Thursday. The donations, assistance with preparing food and the purchase of the items on sale are much appreciated. I enjoyed socialising and watching our parents interacting with each other. Proceeds amounted to R6 193.80, a great accomplishment for our small school. This will go a long way towards financing the fingerprint recognition that we would like to install to enhance the security of our premises.

MOBILE BOOKSHOP, Friday 7th June, Art-room
The Mobile Bookshop will be at our school on Friday 7th June from 13h00 – 15h00. Books are priced between R30 and R50. We would like to encourage you to support this charity bookshop by purchasing a book for your child and one to donate to the school. Please place the amount of money that you wish your child to spend in two envelopes: one marked SCHOOL and the other HOME, so we will know which books are donations to us and which should go home. You are most welcome to come and browse through the books when you collect your child from school. A credit card facility will be available.

We will be selling hamburgers at R15 apiece this Thursday. Please place the correct amount for the number of burgers you wish to order in an envelope marked BURGERS and hand in to your child’s teacher by Wednesday.

Just a reminder that exams are looming on the horizon for Grade 6 – 9 pupils and that pupils in the other grades will be writing their final assessments as this term comes to an end. Reports will be sent out electronically this term.

Kind regards

Textbook List Grade 7 - 9 2020

Term 2 – Newsletter 7

Dear Parents,

Warm greetings on this chilly morning.

Thanks for your support of our Super-Hero charity drive last Friday.

Our Grade 4 teacher, Ms Claire Whittemore, has been selected to represent South Africa in an international figure skating competition. We wish her great success. Her classes will be looked after by Ms van Zyl and me for the two weeks that she will be competing overseas.

Our Culture Evening, in celebration of Mother’s and Father’s Days, will take place this Thursday evening from 16h00 – 19h00. Please come along and purchase your supper from our various stalls, and encourage your neighbours, family and friends to come along and support this fund-raising event. The proceeds of this event are earmarked to enhance the security of our premises, by installing finger-print recognition for pupils of both campuses.

Our Grade 8 class is running a “Guess the Pasta in the Bottle” competition to coincide with their Italian themed evening. For R2 per entry, you have the opportunity to win a hamper full of delicious Italian goodies: olive oil, pasta, pasta sauce, bread sticks and wine.

We have felt the need to co-ordinate our school’s communication into one downloadable app, that all parents will be able to install on their phones. Communication will be more efficient and be able to take place daily. Access to teachers will, then, be via the app and not through ad hoc Whatsapp groups. Training is taking place today, so we should have the new system up and running in the course of this week.

Please note that Utrecht Street is blocked off at the van der Spuy end. When collecting pupils from Utrecht House this afternoon, please park on van der Spuy Street and pupils from Utrecht House will be accompanied to the corner of van der Spuy and Utrecht Streets for collection. Please make outside lift-providers aware of this change of arrangement for today, continuing until the road has been fixed and reopened.

Pupils in Grade 6 – 9 have received their timetables for the June exams. you can assist your child by;

– ensuring that he/she has a personal study timetable to follow from today until exams and that he/she sticks to that timetable;
– ensuring that he/she is making his/her own study notes oft he material to be learned – mind maps of main ideas and key words and phrases;
– talking to your child about what he/she is studying

Reports will be sent our electronically on the last day of term (14th June).

Kind regards,

Textbook List Grade 7 - 9 2020

Term 2 – Newsletter 6

Dear Parents,

I trust that all had a good weekend.

From this week, you will, once again, be receiving weekly email correspondence from my desk, as Mrs Theresa Minne has decided to relocate her GED classes elsewhere and will no longer serve as Dean of our school.
Our management structure, then, is as follows:
Owner: Mrs Elizabeth Simpson
Dean of Academics: Ms Tamryn van Zyl
Head of Foundation Phase: Mrs Nikki Terry
Finance Manager: Mrs Maylin Pat

Our school will still be able to offer the GED course, albeit not on our campus. Should you wish to know more about this, please let me know.

CULTURAL EVENING, Thursday 16th May, 16h00 – 19h00
Great excitement is mounting as our Cultural Evening draws closer. This is an occasion for us to celebrate our families in honour of Mother’s and Father’s Days. Please advertise this evening amongst your friends, neighbours and extended families. Food from many different cultures will be on offer. Bring along your picnic blanket and enjoy the ambience, amidst the aromas of good food and the dulcet sounds of the live music that will be playing.

“Guess the Pasta in the jar” – a competition running from today, organised by the Grade 8 class. At R2 per entry you could win a hamper of Italian foodstuffs. Please support this competition that will run until next Thursday. The winner will be announced at the Cultural Evening.

School and Aftercare will be closed on Wednesday so that we will all have enough time to cast our votes.

Exam timetables are already out, so we expect our pupils to be working hard at home in order to be fully prepared for the exams.

Kind regards

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “To leave the world a bit better, whether by healthy child, a garden patch, or redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you live—that is to have succeeded.”

Textbook List Grade 7 - 9 2020

Term 2 – Newsletter 5

Dear Parents,

Welcome to another short week as we will enjoy Worker’s Day on the 1 st of May.

Wednesday the 1 st of May
Both the school and the aftercare will be closed for this public holiday.

Cultural Evening
There is a lot of effort and excitement behind the scenes as we gear up for the Cultural Fundraising Event. Please remember, this is our opportunity to celebrate family (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fall in close proximity to our event) and our connection to the larger community. Please invite as many as you can and enjoy some wonderful food and atmosphere, together.

Warm regards
Theresa Minnë
Dean of Studies

“Joy doesn’t come when you try to hold it all together.
Joy comes when you let God hold you.”

Textbook List Grade 7 - 9 2020

Term 2 – Email 4

Dear Parents,

I trust that you all enjoyed a wonderful Eastertide and travelling mercies if you were away for the long weekend.

Please note the following:
The Grade 7 to 9 pupils had an absolutely fantastic camp experience. The children were excellent ambassadors of the school. Thank you so much to the organisers (Ms van Zyl) and Ms Styane and Mr Tarling for accompanying the pupils.
We are very grateful to all the wonderful parents who generously offered to lift the children to the camp. It wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Parent Meetings
A general concern that came out in the parent meetings, was the fact that pupils struggle with study skills and an approach to studying. I have attached a mind map that serves as a general guideline to help with the process of studying. Some aspects need to be explained more in depth, please contact me if you would like more clarity on the details.

Uniform Bank: Reminder A clothing bank is available for your child’s uniform needs.

Assessment Programme: Reminder
Grade 4 to 9 Assessment Programmes have been sent out in homework diaries.
Please let your child’s teacher know if you have not received it.

Cultural Evening
Thank you for all the responses so far…Kindly return the reply slip regarding the up-coming Cultural Family Event if you have not already done so.

Warm regards
Theresa Minnë
Dean of Studies

“Man says…Show me and I’ll trust you.
God says…Trust me and I’ll show you.”
-Psalm 126:6