Term 2 – Newsletter 11

Dear Parents

Our last exam is underway, assessments for the term are almost finished and we’ll be on holiday soon.


Tomorrow: Wednesday, 28th June – School closes at 13h15 for all pupils
Thursday 29th June – Pyjama & Movie Day: pupils may arrive at school in their pyjamas. They may purchase snack-packs at R20. Pancakes and hot chocolate will be on sale.     School closes at 12h00 on Thursday.
Friday 30th June – school closes at 10h30.
We’ll be handing over the paper that our pupils have recycled tomorrow. The class that hands over the most paper will be allowed to leave half an hour early on a day that suits their teacher in the new term.

Fallen Angels is an animal rescue organisation that operates in Tableview. Members of the organisation will be visiting us on Friday 28th July, the first Friday of the new term. We have started collecting items to hand over to them and will continue the collection in the first week of the new term. Any suitable pet-oriented items would be most welcome, pet food, blankets, etc. Should you be interested in adopting an animal from this organisation, please let us know, so that your child may choose a pet from the animals that they bring with them on the day.


Reports will be sent out electronically on the last day of school.


Please see attached supplies roster for the new term. Please note that the hand sanitizer requested should be the waterless kind. We’re all on a mission to save water.


This workshop will take place at the school on Friday 28th July at 13h30.

School re-opens on 24th July and closes on 29th September.

Kind regards

Term 2 – Newsletter 10

Dear Parents

A great hush lies over our school as our Grade 7 – 9 pupils write exams, to be joined by Grade 6 pupils on Wednesday. We’re very close to the end of term now, so just a few reminders;

Pupils who are writing exams will leave school at 13h15 daily this week, while the Grade 1 – 5 programme is not disrupted.

Next week, all pupils will finish school at 13h15, from Monday to Wednesday.

School closes at 12h00 on Thursday (29th), after Pyjama Day.

School closes at 10h30 on Friday 30th.

PYJAMA DAY, 29th June

Pupils may come to school dressed in their pyjamas next Thursday. They may bring cuddly toys and blankets. Snack-packs are on sale at R20. Please order your child’s snack-pack by placing R20 in an envelope, writing your child’s name on it and sending it to school. Other items, like pancakes and hot chocolate will be on sale, so please send a little money with your child on the day as well.


Reports will be sent out electronically on the last day of school.


Many thanks to all parents who pay their fees so timeously. Our school depends on each parent paying school fees as per their commitment in their contract. Should your fees be in arrears, we appeal to you to settle your account as our school cannot run without finances.

Our Art teachers have requested that, if you have any scraps of material/wool/coloured cardboard lying around that could be used in the art lessons, please let us have them.


The third term commences on 24th July. I have attached a supply list for the third term. We do appreciate your helping us in this way.

Kind regards

Term 2 – Newsletter 9

Dear Parents

Some reminders as we enter the last few weeks of term.


Exams start on Thursday. Pupils who write exams will be allowed to leave school at 13h15 during exam time, in order to facilitate their studying.

Pupils in Grades 1 – 5 will follow their normal timetable until Friday 23rd June. From Monday 26th June, all pupils may leave at 13h15.


The Parent Committee meeting was postponed from last Tuesday, to tomorrow evening at 18h00 at the van der Spuy house. Our SRC members and their parents have been invited to attend. All parents are welcome.


On 29th June, pupils may wear their pyjamas to school, bring along cuddly toys and blankets and settle down to watch a movie. Please see attached flyer for information. To order a snack pack, place R20 in an envelope, clearly marked with your child’s name and send to school by Tuesday 20th June. School will close at 12h00 on Pyjama Day.


School will close at 10h30 on Friday 30th June.


We want our pupils to be warm and comfortable at school in winter. Our winter uniform consists of a warm fleecy top, with long-sleeved T-shirts embroidered with the school’s logo to be worn under the fleecy tops. Please check your child’s attire before he/she leaves home, to ensure that he/she is wearing the correct uniform. Linda Engel can be contacted on 0814136107 / 0219390205 / for uniform orders.


Each pupil should have his/her own water bottle at school.

Friday is a public holiday, so pupils who support Happy Tummy may wear civvies on Thursday.

Reports will be sent out electronically on break-up day.


Monday 26th June – 13h15

Tuesday 27th June – 13h15

Wednesday 28th June – 13h15

Thursday 29th June – Pyjama Day – 12h00

Friday 30th June – school closes at 10h30 for the winter holidays

Please ensure that lift providers are aware of these closing times.

Have a warm and cosy grey Monday.



Term 2 – Newsletter 8

Dear Parents

Wasn’t it wonderful to see the rain and have the gardens drenched?


As the term progresses steadily to a close, please be aware of the final dates for the term:
  • Exams for Grade 7 – 9 pupils – 15th – 27th June
  • Exams for Grade 6 pupils- Creative Writing for English & Afrikaans on 15th June and then 21st – 27th June
  • Pyjama Day – 29th June (More details to follow)
  • Break up – 30th June, 10h30
  • Third term commences – 24th July
  • Self-defence workshop – Friday 28th July, 13h30


The Parent Committee, along with the SRC, will be meeting tomorrow evening at 18h00 at the van der Spuy St house.


Each class has received a recycling bag, on the initiative of Mrs Guilhermino. The class that fills the most bags per term will be allowed to leave at 14h00 instead of 14h30 on a day that suits their teacher.


This Thursday, 8th June, hot-dogs will be on sale at R10. Please use the order form in your child’s homework book and send the form and money to school by Wednesday, should you wish to order.

Keep warm on this frosty day.

Kind regards

Term 2 – Newsletter 7

Dear Parents

Good morning to everyone on the first day of a new week.

TBS-SCHOOLS Course (Grade 5 – 9 pupils)

We had a very good response to the above course offered. Unfortunately we were too late to fit the workshop in this term, but have secured Friday 28th July, 13h45 – 16h45, at the school. Should you still wish to enrol, you do have time.


The next meeting will be next Tuesday, 6th June at 18h00, van der Spuy house. Our SRC and their parents have been invited to attend this meeting and all parents are welcome.

On Thursday, Grade 7 pupils will be selling goodies, priced at R5, as part of the Parent Committee fund raising drive, so please support by sending a little money to school with your child on Thursday.

EXAMS (Grade 6 – 9 pupils)
Pupils have received their exam timetables and should be studying at home for the up-coming exams.

Assessments for Grade 1 – 5 pupils continue to take place although they do not write formal exams.

Thanks to our wonderfully generous sponsor, we have started to build up a substantial library for our school. Should you have books at home that your children are no longer using and are in good condition, please consider sending them in as donations. We would also like to set up an Afrikaans reading section, so if you’re able to help in this regard, we would appreciate it.


It is nice to see our active Facebook page, filled with the interactive events that happen daily in our classrooms. Please visit and “like” our page.

Kind regards

Term 2 – Newsletter 6

Dear Parents

I hope you’re managing to keep warm on this chilly morning.

Our uniform orders are back on track, so I’m looking forward to seeing all our pupils in the correct uniform as soon as possible. Please contact Linda Engel on 081 413 6107 /
021 939 0205 / to place your order.

Grade 7 parents are asked to supply goodies as per the list sent home in your child’s homework book. Parents are asked to send a little money to school on 1st June to support this Parent Committee fund-raising event.


Our next Parent Committee meeting will be held on 6th June at 18h00, van der Spuy House. All are welcome to attend.


I have attached a flyer regarding auditory screening and am happy to arrange for the audiologist to visit our school. Should you wish to make use if this offer, please complete the attached form and return it to the school by Friday,

TBS-SCHOOLS WORKSHOP  (Grade 5 – 9 pupils)

Members of the TBS team visited our school on Friday and spoke to our Grade 5 – 9 boys and girls about keeping themselves safe. Our pupils have been provided with flyers, for a three-hour workshop on this topic, in their homework diaries today. Should there be enough demand, a three-hour workshop will be held at our school on a date to be confirmed once the responses come in. Should you wish to attend with your children, please indicate this on the application form and return it to the school by Friday.

EXAMS, Grade 6 – 9
With less than a month to go to exams, pupils in Grade 6 – 9 should be following a personal study timetable at home. I have attached the exam timetable and pupils will also be provided with a copy in their homework diaries. Subject teachers will provide pupils with a detailed list of topics to study.

The school calendar for 2018 is as follows:

First term: 17 January – 28 March

Second term: 10 April – 22 June

Third term: 17 July – 28 September

Fourth term: 9 October – 12 December

Kind regards



Term 2 – Newsletter 5

Dear Parents,

What a beautiful day, and as I write I’m looking out on the lovely front garden of the Utrecht St Campus. Birds are tweeting and it’s an idyllic setting. I envy the Grade 5 class for their lovely tranquil surrounds.


Grade 7 pupils will be selling various items ranging from pizza slices and hot-dogs to koeksusters and cupcakes. Grade 7 parents are asked to supply items for sale – I believe each Grade 7 pupil has suggested what he/she will be bringing on that day. Items will be priced at R5. Please support this Parent Committee fund-raising effort by sending a little money with your child on 1st June.


Our uniform supplier is now Linda Engel, who can be contacted on 0814136107 / 0219390205 / for order forms..


We would like to encourage parents to ensure that our pupils are bringing healthy snacks to school to eat at break. A brown/whole-wheat bread sandwich/roll; a piece of fruit/vegetable slices & cool-drink are suggested. Each child needs to have a water bottle at school, containing fresh water daily.

Our tuck-shop isn’t a very healthy option and should be used for special treats rather than lunch.

If there is a parent who would like to take on the role of providing healthier tuck-shop options, please let me know.


Pupils who donate R5 to Happy Tummy are free to wear civvies on Fridays, however, I do request that you ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for school on these days. Please adhere to the following dress code for Fridays:

  • a plain T-shirt rather than a shirt that has a message on it
  • jeans that are not “fashionably” tattered and torn
  • long hair must be tied back

We would like our pupils to present a positive self-image and a positive image on the school when they are wearing civvies.

Kind regards



Term 2 – Newsletter 4

Dear Parents

Winter suddenly seems to be clasping us in its icy grasp, so winter uniforms will be the order of day at school from now on.

Please ensure that your children have the correct fleecy tops and are not wearing other coloured tops/hoodies sticking out under their uniforms. We want our pupils to be warm and comfortable, but they also need to wear the correct uniform:

Boys: Beige/khaki chinos; brown/beige socks; brown shoes; long sleeved white T-shirt with school’s logo embroidered on it; beige fleecy top with school’s logo embroidered on it.

Girls: Beige/khaki skirt/skort; beige stockings/woolly tights; brown shoes/boots; long sleeved white T-shirt with school’s logo embroidered on it; beige fleecy top with school’s logo embroidered on it.

Pupils may add beige scarves and gloves to their uniform and a beige beanie may be worn to school and at break, but be taken off in the classrooms.

School hours remain as normal on rainy days, with pupils spending break in the classrooms.


We would like to ensure that school starts at 08h00 with as little disruption as possible. If your child is late, please drop him/her off at the gate and do not enter the classroom with him/her.

If your child is unable to attend school, please let us know by phoning 021 5598902 / messaging 0741819808 or emailing / by 08h00.

Thank you to all parents who attended our Parent/Teacher meetings. It is a blessing to enjoy such a happy school.

News from Mrs Terry is that she is recovering well. She will arrange to meet with Grade 1 parents once she has returned to school on 29th May.
Kind regards

Term 2 – Newsletter 3

Dear Parents

The long weekend is over, so it’s all systems go as we steam ahead towards exams.
Our parent committee has some exciting plans to share, as per the report below.


  • UNIFORMS: We are aware that some parents have not received uniforms that they ordered a while ago. Jeannene will endeavour to improve the efficiency of uniform delivery.
  • CAKE SALES: Cake sales will take place monthly from this term, on the last/first Thursday of the month, with Grade 7 being responsible for the next sale scheduled for 1st June. Pupils are to discuss with their teachers what kind of sale they would like to hold, not restricted to cakes.
  • MOVIE & PYJAMA DAY: This fund-raising event will be held on the last Thursday of the term, 29th June.Pupils will be able to purchase snack-packs for R20. More information will be available nearer the time.
  • BIG WALK WEEKEND: A sponsored walk will take place on 14th October. We would like to encourage all our families to participate. More information will be forthcoming.
  • CHARITY DONATIONS: The parent committee has asked that parents donate unwanted good clothing for adults and children on an ongoing basis. You you send items to the school, which will be passed on for storage.
  • Other events are in the pipeline, so watch this space!
  • NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held at 18h00 on Tuesday 6th June at van der Spuy house. We would like to encourage more parents to come along so that all grades can be represented on the committee.


Parent/Teacher meetings for Grade 6 – 9 pupils will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) & Thursday as per the times emailed to you. If you have not already done so, please confirm that the time slot allocated suits you. Grade 7 – 9 pupils must accompany their parents to the meeting.


Exams for Grade 7 – 9 pupils will commence on Monday 19th June and for Grade 6 pupils on Wednesday 21st June. Timetables will be avaialble shortly.

PARKING & Drop-off/Pick-up

A reminder that parents and lift-providers should enter van der Spuy Street from Visagie and keep traffic flowing in the same direction. Utrecht St should be entered from van der Spuy. Visitors should park on the same side of the road as the school.


  • A very heartfelt “Thank-you” to our wonderful sponsors, who have done such an amazing job of renovating our school. Please feel free to pop in and have a look at the improvements that have taken place over the last few weeks. Teachers and pupils really appreciate everything you have done for us.
  • Mrs Nikki Terry is away on sick leave. We welcome Mrs Karen Lang who will be substituting for Nikki until she returns at the end of May. We wish Nikki a restful and complete recovery.

Kind regards



Term 2 – Newsletter 2

Good morning Parents

Well done to those of you who had to get your offspring to school at the crack of dawn and send them off to camp. A special thanks to John & Catherine for providing transport. Our pupils have arrived safely and are already enjoying the programme laid on for them.


  • Parent/Teacher meetings will take place this week for Grade 1 – 5 pupils and next week for Grades 6 – 9.
  • Pupils in grades 7 – 9 must accompany their parents to their scheduled meeting.


A gentle reminder to send supplies as per the attached schedule. Many thanks for your assistance.


Our parent committee will meet at 18h00 tomorrow (Tuesday, 25th April) at van der Spuy house. All parents are welcome to attend.

School will be closed from Thursday, 27th April – Monday 1st May & will re-open on Tuesday 2nd May.

Enjoy the short break with your children.

Kind regards