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Term 2 – Newsletter 7

Dear Parents

I hope all mums had a good day yesterday. Thanks to all who supported the grass fund-raiser last week. We made another R2 126 with the boerie roll sales, civvies day and mother’s day gifts.

I have attached a “Mind mist” brochure. Our school will be selling the mind-mist at R65 per bottle in aid of the grass project, so please order by sending R65 in an an envelope marked with your child’s name and “Mind-mist”.

On 26th May, our SRC will be heading out to St Oswald’s Church in Milnerton at 08h00 to hand over “Happy Tummy” money and to help with packing the food parcels that are distributed by the church. Should any parents and children wish to join to party, please let me know. All are welcome.

Our parent committee will be meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 17h30 in Ms van Zyl’s classroom. According to our school’s constitution, the committee should be composed of a representative from each class. At present, we have representatives from Grades 5, 6 & 7, so if you would be willing to become part of the committee for your child’s grade, please let me know. All parents are welcome to attend parent committee meetings.

Exams are just around the corner. All Grade 6 – 9 pupils should be following their own study timetable at home. Pupils in these grades have received the exam scope from their teachers, so know what is required of them.

Grade 1 – 5 pupils do not write exams, but continue with continuous assessment.

Please ensure that lift providers are aware that school will close for Grade 6 – 9 pupils at 13h15 during exams. Grade 1 – 5 pupils follow the normal timetable during exams.

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years!” – Abraham Lincoln

Kind regards

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Term 2 – Newsletter 6

Good morning Parents

Hope that all are well and looking forward to a great week!

Our Grass Project made R645 last week, bringing our total up to R31 326. The following projects will take place this week to swell our coffers:
Thursday 10th May – Boerie rolls (halaal) will be on sale at R15 each. Please pre-order by placing the correct amount and the number of boerie rolls you require in an envelope, clearly marked with your child’s name and hand in by Wednesday. Please send a container along for transporting the boerie rolls.
Friday 11th May – “Happy Tummy” will be replaced with a whacky civvies day at R10. Pupils may be a little more outrageous in their dress for the extra R5, but remember they do still need to be able to concentrate in the classrooms!
Mothers’ Day – We have various items on sale for Mothers’ Day (a coffee sachet and chocolate; a paper clip; earrings), each item costing R20. Please pre-order by Wednesday, by placing the appropriate amount in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and which items you are purchasing. Items will be handed out on Friday. Check our Facebook page for photos of the lovely items.

Our final grass fund-raiser for the term:
Thursday 21st June – Pyjama & Movie Day. Pupils may come dressed in their pyjamas, bring along a teddy bear, a blanket and snuggle down to watch a movie. The cost will be R25 for the movie and a snack-pack.

Exams are fast approaching, with just one month left to prepare. All Grade 6 – 9 pupils should be following their own study timetable and working hard to ensure that they do well in their exams. I have attached exam timetables for your information. School will close for Grade 6 – 9 pupils at 13h15 during exams. Grade 1 – 5 pupils will follow their normal timetable.
During the last week of school, 18th – 21st June, school will close at 13h15 for all pupils and on Friday 22nd June, school will close at 10h30.

With the days becoming a little chillier and winter approaching, please ensure that your children are dressed in the correct winter uniform, as described in our prospectus:
Winter : beige/khaki chinos, white embroidered golf shirt/long sleeved T-shirt, beige embroidered fleecy top, beige/khaki socks, brown school shoes. Black raincoat with embroidered school logo.
Winter : beige/khaki skirt, beige/brown tights, white embroidered golf shirt/long sleeved T-shirt, beige embroidered fleecy top, brown school shoes/boots. Black raincoat with embroidered school logo.

Please note that girls may not wear tights without a skirt and that girls’ dresses are for summer only.
Also please ensure that your child uses the fleecy top or the black raincoat and not other “coats of many colours”. Should you wish him/her to wear a scarf/beanie, these can be ordered for our supplier, or must conform to the school’s colours.

We want our pupils to be warm and comfortable, but we do have a uniform and this must be worn. Pupils are welcome to bring a blanket to school for extra warmth.

Uniform and logo embroidery orders can be placed with Linda Engel: 081 413 6107 | 021 939 0205 |

I see a few raindrops falling as I type, so let’s keep praying for abundant rain.

“When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender – that is strength!” – Mahatma Ghandi

Kind regards

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Term 2 – Newsletter 5

Dear Parents

Firstly, a huge THANK YOU to all parents who helped with camp transport last week. Your kind donation of time and petrol is so very much appreciated. Our pupils had a wonderful time and upheld our school’s reputation by their good behaviour too. Well done Grade 7 – 9 pupils.

Our Grass Project made no progress last week, with the shortened week, along with this week too, but next week, we have the following projects planned, that will get us back on track:

Thursday 10th May – boerie roll sale at R15 per boerie roll. Please pre-order your boerie rolls by sending the appropriate amount in an envelope with your child’s name on it to school by Tuesday 8th May. Remember to send a container as well.
Friday 11th May – civvies day will support the grass project, just this once, instead of Happy Tummy and will be R10 instead of R5.
Various items will be on sale for Mothers’ Day at R20, so please send the appropriate amount to the school in an envelope to order – more information to follow.
Please continue to support our Grass project by sourcing donations from clients, family members etc. Every little helps. Our aim is to have the playground covered before the end of this month.

“Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint!” – Fanny Price in “Mansfield Park”.

Kind regards

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Term 2 – Newsletter 4

Dear Parents

I hope all are well on this cold and clammy morning. This week and next week are short weeks for school, as we’ll be closed from Friday 27th April to Tuesday 1st May.

Grade 7 – 9 pupils will be on camp from Tuesday (tomorrow) to Thursday.

CAMP, Tuesday 24th – Thursday 26th April
All Grade 7 – 9 pupils must arrive at school at 06h30 tomorrow morning. They make bring along a packed breakfast. Please remember that no electronic devices will be allowed at camp, so check that your child has not included these in his/her luggage. Pupils will return at approximately 13h00 0n Thursday 26th April. A very big “Thank you” to those parents who are donating lifts to camp. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

As you know, Fridays are Happy Tummy days, in which our pupils may wear civvies if they bring R5 (or more) to support our Happy Tummy feeding scheme. However, some of our pupils come to school in civvies, but do not bring their R5. Please ensure that your child has his/her Happy Tummy money on a Friday (we are able to give change); or send him/her to school in his/her uniform. There’s no disgrace in wearing the uniform on Fridays, but only the pupils who support the feeding scheme have the right to wear civvies.

Thanks to Grade 3 parents for the cake sale last week. R384 was raised towards the grass project, which now stands at R30 681. We’re still some R12 000 short of our goal, so please don’t give up on your wonderful efforts to help us just yet. For such a small school, it has been magnificent for us to achieve such a big fund-raising effort and I thank each one of you for you great support. I’m not a huge fund-raiser, personally, as I do understand that you’re faithful in paying your school fees. However, our school has very limited resources and runs on a tight budget, so we have needed to ask for extra help for this very expensive project. The great news is that, once the grass is installed, our environment will be very beautiful, your children won’t have to play in the dust and mud, and there shouldn’t be another huge fund-raiser needed for a long time. Please consider assisting us with a donation of R600 or whatever you can afford and also approaching your business contacts for assistance.

Our Parent Committee met on Tuesday 17th April, and have some fun projects in mind. Please diarise the following dates:

Saturday 2nd June – Family Day from 10 – 12 at Gordon’s Gymnastics
Wednesday 6th August – Slipper Day at school
Saturday 27th October – Spring Walk at Century City

The next committee meeting will be held on 18th May, 17h30, Ms van Zyl’s classroom, Utrecht House. Please feel free to attend.

Please observe the rules regarding traffic flow at our school:
Enter van der Spuy from Visagie, so that all cars are on the same side of the road as the school and facing towards Utrecht St. Enter Utrecht from van der Spuy and stay on the same side of the road as the school, facing Camoens St. Please exit via Camoens. If all parents observe this simple protocol, our traffic will run smoothly and no-one will feel the need to get hot under the collar!.

Thank you to all parents who attended the Parent/Teacher meetings last week. Your encouraging and supportive comments mean a lot us.

“Worry doesn’t help tomorrow’s troubles, but it does ruin today’s happiness.” – Unknown

Have a good short break from Friday to Tuesday with your children

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Term 2 – Newsletter 3

Good morning Parents

This week is a busy one, with our parent meetings, cake sale and parent committee meeting.

Please pop into school to book a place in the parent/teacher meetings that will take place this week. If you’re unable to pop in, please let me know, by return of email, when you would like to meet with your child’s teacher. For Grade 1 – 5, any day this week, Monday to Thursday and for Grade 6 – 9, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Our first committee meeting of the term will take place tomorrow at 17h30 in Utrecht House. All parents are invited to attend.

On Wednesday, Grade 3 pupils will host a cake-sale to raise funds for the artificial grass project. Grade 3 parents are asked to provide cupcakes and the rest of the parents, please send a little money for your child to purchase cupcakes at R5 per cake. Please send a container for the storage of the cakes.

Our grade sevens excitedly informed me this morning that camp is next week. Grade 7 – 9 pupils will need to be at school at 06h30 on Tuesday 24th April. They may bring a picnic breakfast and a tuck-box for camp. Please send the camp forms back to school by Friday. Pupils may not take any electronic equipment to camp.Pupils will return at about 13h00 on Thursday 26th April.

School and Aftercare will be closed from Friday 27th April – Tuesday 1st May.

Please see attached exam timetables for Grade 6 – 9 pupils. Grade 1 – 5 pupils follow continuous assessment. Pupils who write exams may leave school at 13h15 for the duration of exams. Grade 1 – 5 pupils will follow the normal school times. During the last week of school, 18th – 21st June, school will close at 13h15 for all pupils and on Friday 22nd June, school will close at 10h30.

“Lord Jesus, don’t walk ahead of us, we may not follow;
don’t walk behind us, we may not lead;
just walk beside us and be our friend.
You banish our doubts with the gift of faith;
You calm our fears with the gift of peace;
You heal our wounds with your love and rekindle our hopes
with your victory over death.” – Flor McCarthy

Kind regards

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Term 2 – Newsletter 1

Dear Parents

Welcome to the second, action-packed term of 2018. Please note the following important dates for the term:

Tuesday 10th April – school & Aftercare reopen for the second term
Monday 14th – Friday 18th April – Parent/Teacher meetings
Tuesday 24th – Thursday 26th April – Grade 7 – 9 camp
Friday 27th April – Tuesday 1st May – school is closed for various public holidays
Wednesday 6th June – Thursday 14th June – Exams for Grade 7 – 9 pupils
Friday 8th June – Thursday 14th June – Exams for Grade 6 pupils
Thursday 21st June – Movie & pyjama dress-up day
Friday 22nd June – School closes for winter holidays

Parents please pop into school to place your name on the roster at each campus for your parent/teacher meetings. We encourage all parents to attend these important meetings as this will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. Appointments are scheduled to last fifteen minutes, so if you feel that you may need a longer time-slot, please make arrangements for an alternative day and time with your child’s teacher.

CAMP, 24 – 26 April
Camp fees are now urgently due for parents who have not yet paid. Please make payment by Friday, 13th April. Camp forms will be sent in the homework books today. Please complete and return to the school by Friday 13th April. Please note on the camp form which items pupils may and may not take to camp with them.

You may send a tuck-box with your child for the trip, which will take approximately two hours.

Grade 7 – 9 pupils will need to be at school at 06h30 on Tuesday 24th April and will return at approximately 13h00 on Thursday 26th April.

Thanks to parents who are lifting to and from camp. Please confirm with Ms van Zyl that all is still in order regarding lifting.

Our grass project will continue this term, with our first cake sale, hosted by the Grade 3 class, on Wednesday 18th April. Grade 3 parents, please send cupcakes for sale on that day and parents of other grades, please send along a little money and a container for carrying the cupcakes home. Cupcakes will be priced at R5 per cake.

Another generous corporate sponsor, Harker’s Auto, has just donated a further R2 500, so we’re creeping steadily towards our goal. Parents who have contacts in the corporate world are encouraged to approach your contacts for assistance if you have that kind of relationship with them.

Parents are also encouraged to donate R600 (or whatever you feel able to give) so that we can get the playground sorted out as soon as possible.

EXAMS, Grade 6 – 9 pupils
Exams will start on 6th June (for Grade 7 – 9) & 8th June (for Grade 6). Teachers will provide pupils with study scope within the first few weeks of school and the exam timetable will also be out early in the term. Parents can assist by encouraging pupils to study daily as a matter of routine from the first day of term.

Our annual movie and pyjama day will take place on 21st June. Pupils may wear their pyjamas, bring cosy blankets and teddy bears and enjoy a movie on that day. Cost will be R25 for the movie and a snack-pack. There will be prizes for the cutest pyjamas!
As always, funds raised will go to the grass project.
School will close at 12h00 on that day.

“Hope sees the invisible; feels the intangible and achieves the impossible” – Unknown

Kind regards

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Term 1 – Newsletter 12

Good afternoon Parents

After a busy day, I finally sit down to write my last newsletter of the term.

A further R3 410 came in last week, with the closing of the Easter Colouring Competition on Friday, bringing our grand total up to R27 071. This is an amazing feat for our small school in such a short space of time, so all parents and pupils deserve a great big pat on the back for their fantastic effort this term. The tuck-shop to be run by the parent committee tomorrow at Sports Day will be our final grass fund-raiser for the term.

We’re hoping that at least half the playground will be covered by the time the pupils return to school for the second term.

Our long-awaited Sports Day will take place tomorrow, from 08h30 – 12h30, at “Central Park”, corner of Camoens and Barrow Street. Pupils must arrive at school dressed in their sports uniform. Caps/hats and sunscreen should be worn. Pupils must bring their own water bottle. Aftercare will run as normal tomorrow.

BREAK-UP DAY, Wednesday
School will close at 10h30 on Wednesday. Aftercare will run until 17h30 and then close for the Easter break.

Please see attached supplies roster for the second term. We much appreciate your assistance with these necessary items.

Reports will be sent out electronically on the last day of term.

The second term commences on 10th April.

I wish all our pupils and their families a safe and blessed Easter break.

Kind regards

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Term 1 – Newsletter 10

Dear Parents

There are two busy weeks left of term, so hold on tightly as we sail purposefully to the close of the first term.

This week sees our High School pupils presenting their final assessments for the term. We wish them well and trust that their hard work will reflect in good results.

Grateful thanks to the Grade 4 & 6 parents who sent cakes to school last Wednesday. The pupils raised R700 and so were able to purchase their own patch of grass.

This Wednesday, it’s Grade 5’s turn, so parents please send cupcakes to school on Wednesday and the rest of the parents, please send some money for cakes, along with a container.

Next Wednesday is a public holiday, so school and aftercare will be closed.

Please keep supporting the sponsored Easter colouring competition. Each pupil in Grade 1 – 6 is helping with this fund-raising effort. The closing date is next Friday, 23rd March. All colouring sheets must be handed in on that day. Prize winners will be announced at Sports Day.

SPORTS DAY, 27th March, 08h30 – 12h30
Pupils must arrive at school at the normal time, dressed in their house colours. Parents may go straight to the field. Pupils will be brought to the field at 08h30 and the event will begin. Pancakes and various snacks will be on sale at the event.

All pupils may leave at 12h30. Please ensure that lift-providers are aware of this early closing time.

Some seating will be available, but you may like to bring your own folding chairs or blankets to sit on.

BREAK-UP DAY, 28th March
School will close at 10h30 on 28th March. Aftercare will be open until 17h30 on that day and will then close for the Easter break.

Reports will be sent out in electronic format.

The second term commences on Tuesday, 10th April. Both school and aftercare will resume on that day.

“Although no-one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new end..” – Unknown

Be blessed this week

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Term 1 – Newsletter 9

Good morning everyone

Have you noticed that the mornings are darker and chillier these days? Let’s hope and pray that, as we enter Autumn, good rains will come. Until then, keep saving water.

Our thermometer has risen to R14 265 due to the generous donations of parents, teachers and pupils last week.
We would like specially to thank WG Propshaft for their donation of R2 500.
Perhaps other parents could follow suit by asking companies that they deal with for a donation towards our grass project.
Some beautifully coloured Easter egg sheets have been returned. Please could you support your children by asking family members to sponsor them in the colouring competition.
Our goal is to be able to lay the lawn during the Easter break. We have a long way to go, so please keep the energy flowing.

Grateful thanks to Grade 7 – 9 parents for supplying cakes last week. Grade 7 – 9 pupils raised R616, so they have purchased their own square of lawn!
Grade 4 & 6 parents are reminded that their cake-sale will take place this Wednesday, so please send a tray of cupcakes with your child on Wednesday. Parents of pupils in the other grades, please send a little money for them to spend. Cupcakes will be sold at R5 per cupcake. Please send a container to school with your child so that he/she may bring cake home.

SPORTS DAY, 27th March
Our parent committee will be running a tuck-shop at Sports Day. Water, juice, pancakes and chocolates will be on sale.

Teachers will be spending the next two weeks finalising assessments and collecting marks for the first term. Grade 7 – 9 pupils will be presenting their final topics for the term in oral and written presentations in the week of 14th March.

Wednesday, 21st March is a public holiday. School and Aftercare will be closed on that day.

“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way!” – Unknown

May you have a blessed week

Textbooks 2018

Term 1 – Newsletter 8

Dear Parents

My eighth newsletter surely indicates that we’re speeding through to the end of term.

Thank you for your support of the Mobile Book-shop on Friday and to parents who donated books to our library. We would much appreciate further book donations.

Thanks so much to all parents and teachers who have contributed to this project. Our thermometer has risen to R10 040, so we do have some way to go before we reach our target of R42 000, but we are definitely on our way there. Every little helps, so please keep up the great support. Grass project donations may be paid into our bank account, earmarked “Grass”.

GRADE 7 – 9 CAKE-SALE, Wednesday 28th February
Grade 7 – 9 will host a cake-sale this Wednesday. Please send a little money (minimum R5) for your child to spend, along with a container for his/her cake.

GRADE 4 & 6 CAKE-SALE, Wednesday 7th March
Grades 4 & 6 will combine to host a cake-sale on 7th March. Grade 4 & 6 parents please send cup-cakes to school next Wednesday.

GRADE 5 CAKE-SALE, Wednesday 14th March
Grade 5 parents please assist by sending cup-cakes to school on the above date.

Grade 1 – 6 pupils are busy colouring for sponsorship and to win a great big Easter bunny. Please support your children by donating and asking friends and family to assist with the sponsorship. Pupils receive R5 commission on every completed sheet. Pupils may enter as many completed sheets as possible. All sheets, even if blank, must be handed in on or before 23rd March. The winners will be announced at Sports Day.

Please return forms sent out last week for registration of our school on your Woolworth’s card.

SPORTS DAY, Tuesday 27th March, 08h30 – 12h30
We’re all looking forward to our first fun event of the year. Please come along and help to support your child’s team. There will be goodies on sale.

Please ensure that lift-providers are aware of the early closing time.

Aftercare will be open until break-up day, Wednesday 28th March, and will then close for the Easter holidays.

School will close on Wednesday 21st March for the public holiday.

CAMP, GRADE 7 – 9 pupils, 24th – 26th April
Thanks to those parents who have graciously offered to donate lifts to and from camp. This generous service is much appreciated as it has helped to keep our camp fees at an affordable rate. Camp fees are R900, which includes accommodation, meals and a camp T-shirt. Please pay fees into our school bank account, earmarked “Camp” or cash to the school.

“Today be thankful and remember how rich you are: your family is priceless, your time is gold and your health is wealth.” – Unknown

Have a very good week