Term 2 – Newsletter 2

Good morning Parents

Well done to those of you who had to get your offspring to school at the crack of dawn and send them off to camp. A special thanks to John & Catherine for providing transport. Our pupils have arrived safely and are already enjoying the programme laid on for them.


  • Parent/Teacher meetings will take place this week for Grade 1 – 5 pupils and next week for Grades 6 – 9.
  • Pupils in grades 7 – 9 must accompany their parents to their scheduled meeting.


A gentle reminder to send supplies as per the attached schedule. Many thanks for your assistance.


Our parent committee will meet at 18h00 tomorrow (Tuesday, 25th April) at van der Spuy house. All parents are welcome to attend.

School will be closed from Thursday, 27th April – Monday 1st May & will re-open on Tuesday 2nd May.

Enjoy the short break with your children.

Kind regards



Term 2 – Newsletter 1

Dear Parents

A warm and joyful welcome to the second term at Abeille Ruche. Please note the following term dates:

Tuesday 18th April – school re-opens for the second term

Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th April – Parent/Teacher meetings for Grade 1 – 5 pupils

Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th April – Grade 7 – 9 pupils will be away on camp
Thursday 27th April – Monday 1st May – School will be closed for various public holidays

Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th May – Parent/Teacher meetings for Grade 6 – 9 pupils

Thursday 18th June – Tuesday 27th June – Exams for Grade 6 – 9 pupils

Friday 30th June – school closes for the winter holidays

I’m sure that pupils and parents arriving at school this morning were amazed and delighted at the sight of the renovated campus. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to our generous sponsors for the wonderful work they have done for us. Your kindness is truly appreciated.

PARENT/TEACHER MEETINGS, 25th – 26th April, and 3rd & 4th May

Please confirm a mutually acceptable time with your child’s teacher.

CAMP, Grade 7 – 9
Kit lists and indemnity forms will be stapled in your child’s homework book today. Please complete and return to school by Friday, 21st April. Mrs von Fintel and Ms van Zyl will accompany our pupils to True North Camp in Grabouw.

Pupils need to arrive at school at 06h45 on Monday morning (24th April) and will return to school at approximately 13h00 on Wednesday 26th April.


We are saying goodbye today to Mrs Cheesman-Colledge, who will be studying full time for her master’s degree. We wish her every success and thank her for her sterling contribution to our school over the last years.

We welcome Ms Nicole Brink in her place and wish her a long and happy association with our school.

Mr Waddell has also left us to pursue a career elsewhere. We thank him for his contribution in the time he was with us.

Kind regards

Term 1 – Post 12

Dear Parents


We’re gearing up for our Fun Sports Day which will take place tomorrow from 08h30 – 12h00.

  • Pupils must arrive at school at the normal time,  dressed in their sports uniform. If it is cold, they may wear a pair of tracksuit pants and their school fleecy top over their sports clothes.
  • Weather predictions suggest that it will be a hot day, so please apply sunscreen before leaving home and wear a hat/cap.
  • Some seating will be available for parents, but you’re welcome to bring your own folding chairs should you wish.
  • A tuck-shop will operate and pre-ordered snack-packs will be handed out.
  • Please inform lift providers that school will close at 12h00.
  • Aftercare will operate from 12h00 – 17h00.


  • School will close at 10h30 on Friday, 31st March.
  • Please ensure that lift providers are aware of this early closing time.
  • Aftercare will run from 10h30 – 17h00 and then close for the Easter holidays.
  • Aftercare will re-open on 18th April.


Your child’s report will be sent out electronically on the last day of term (Friday).


  • School commences on Tuesday 18th April.
  • Parent/teacher meetings will take place in the week of 24th April for Grade 1 – 5 and on 3rd & 4th May for Grades 6 – 9.
  • School will close from 27th April – 1st May for various public and school holidays.
  • Our family day will take place during the course of the term, with date to be confirmed.


Supplies for the second term are attached. Please send supplies with your child in the first week of school.

Kind regards



Term 1 – Post 11

Dear Parents

It is so nice to be back after a journey round South Africa. I’d like to thank our teaching team for their sterling work while I was away. Term is winding to a close, with the following events to take place before the holidays:

Grade 7 – 9 pupils will complete their term assessments today and tomorrow.

Grade 4 pupils will be providing cakes for the Parent Committee cake-sale on Friday. Thanks to the committee for this innovation which is helping to raise funds for our school.

SPORTS DAY, Thursday 30th March
– Please ensure that your child has the correct sports uniform for this event: House colour plain T-shirt, black/white/house colour shorts, tackies, a cap/hat. Sunscreen can be applied at home or sent to school.
– Pupils should arrive at school dressed in their sports uniform.
– Pupils must be dropped off at school at the normal time. They will walk to the field at 08h30. Parents may go straight to the field.
– Please encourage family and friends to support this event.
– Snack packs can be ordered from the school and a tuck-shop will be avaialble on the day.
– School will close at 12h00. Please ensure that lift providers are aware of the early closing time.

BREAK UP DAY, 31st March
School will close at 10h30 on Friday 31st March for the Easter holidays. Please ensure that lift providers are aware of the early closing time.

Reports will be sent out electronically on the last day of term.

The second term will commence on Tuesday 18th April.

CAMP, 24th – 26th April
Grade 7 – 9 pupils will be on camp from 24th – 26th April

Please see attached supplies roster for the second term.

Kind regards