What our parents say about us:

“Dear Liz, Many thanks to you, Abeille Ruche and its teachers for nurturing Inez. When Inez came to you, we were all shattered – Inez from having to leave her safe school space, and us, her parents, for not knowing whether we were making the biggest mistake for our child. You see, Inez had just been given an ultimatum: Ritalin/ repeat of gr 2/ leave the school. After much deliberation and lots of research, we made the decision not to medicate Inez. Many lifestyle and routine changes were implemented.The most drastic change however, was the change of schools. Right from the word go at Abeille Ruche, Inez was accepted and treated as a normal gr 3 pupil. No one made her feel slow, inferior or odd. There was complete understanding for her distractedness. The small class environment suited Inez down to the ground. She was heard. She was loved. She was made to feel special because her unique set of gifts were noticed and appreciated. Inez’s first year at Abeille Ruche was an adjustment for her (and us). Yet, at Abeille Ruche we could see her blossom. Gradually her confidence grew. Her smile returned. Her sense of humor became wackier. She worked with gusto. Today, five years later, we have the most beautiful, well-adjusted teenager in our home. Her love for Jesus shines through in everything she does. She believes that she is capable of mostly anything. She loves Abeille Ruche, its children and its teachers. Her sense of duty is well developed. Her attitude towards her schoolwork is good. She grabs every opportunity that comes her way and loves life insatiably. No school we know, could have supported us more and helped us lay the foundation for High School the way Abeille Ruche has done. We will stay eternally grateful”.

Hendrik Bruwer & Catherine Ward

“Dearest Abeille Ruche, As Thando navigates the ‘new’ phase of his life, I am deeply grateful that the values instilled in him, as well as the solid foundation set by each one of you will go a long way in helping him achieve his dreams. I particularly appreciate your unquestionable belief in Thando, undying support and deep desire to see him become the global citizen and influencer he has the potential to be. Thank you so very much for everything you have done. I wish each one of you the very best that life has to offer. May Abba Father shine His light very brightly on you; as you continue to let the light shine even brighter on our children. With fondest regards,”


“It has been a real blessing for us to be able to send Jarryd to Abeille Ruche. We already knew that he was very bright but we were looking for him to develop the other soft (hard) skills like consideration, kindness, helpfulness and sense of humour and he has really done that amazingly. He also just grew in confidence over the 4 years he was there, so thank you and keep up the great work you do. I know lots of other children will really benefit from the soft skills that the learners gain at your school.”

Audrey & Gerry Knight

“Dear Liz, We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love, care and help you’ve shown Claire and to us as a family over the past two years. Your school has really helped Claire not only to catch up, but also, to blossom! Thanks for all the work you put in – may our Lord continue to bless your efforts and we wish you and Abeille Ruche every success for the future.”

Celia & Jonathon

“Overwhelmed by increasing numbers in the classroom, my son experienced some of his saddest days of his school life. Ridiculed, teased and feeling an outcast for not fitting into the brazen mould. Refusing to attend school at all, I needed to find a saving grace before his life would be scarred forever. I found this in Abeille Ruche. Today I have his teachers to thank for restoring his faith in himself and allowing him.”


““I just need to tell you that yesterday Sheldon said something so positive when I fetched him. He said “Mom, this is the best school I have ever been to. My teacher just understands me, she connects with me on my level, she really understands me when I talk to her. Even the friends I have made don’t judge me, everyone seems to want to make it easier for the next one to be there and when we have problems they don’t humiliate you or embarrass you, I am so happy here.”